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Alternate Financial Model - stability and flexibility

At a time of almost unprecedented financial volatility a growing numbers of individuals and companies are now embracing alternate financial models (islamic in this case) which seem to provide better stability. The business model that exists today makes use of the common financial methodology, would they be able to take advantage of these alternate financial models? Looking from another perspective the enterprises that provide the common financial services, is their business model agile enough to provide an alternate business process to take advantage of these alternate financial models? One of my friends asked me “So how is it going to affect us and our economy”, I said “Not much until we take advantage of it”.

The State of My Country

Read about the thoughts of Arundhati Roy .

Darkness to Light

Days have past, the same sun rises every day but the days have got darker. Emission has increased even furthering global warming; the effluvium of hate, indifference and retribution is more profound. Ozone layer is depleting more harmful radiation invariably entering the atmosphere, there is definite damage done but more damage has been inflicted on humanity by the rays of scorn, mistrust and contempt. Long time ago in a place not so far away the dying father would advice his son “carry on the battle with so and so tribe, as three generations before they had killed one of our family” and to even such an extend that “their camel ate from our plantations without our permission”. But then things changed for good, the warring tribes began to realize the value of humanity, the world as a place for test for excellence in attributes, that killing a single person is equivalent to killing the entire humanity, and there is a single chance to prove you worthy for this world and the hereafter. The

Clarifications On Jehad and Terrorism by Ulema

Hyderabad, November 10: : More than 5,000 clerics attending the 29th national conference of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind raised their voice against terrorism and also underlined their resolve to fight terror. In a bid to clarify the difference between jehad and terrorism, the conference reiterated that jehad was constructive while terrorism was destructive and had no place in Islam. A resolution passed at the end of the two-day national conference condemned the propaganda linking Islam with terrorism. “We want to make it clear that Islam does not allow killing of the innocent. Jehad and terrorism are not at all linked. They are different. Jehad can only be waged to restore peace and harmony.” The Jamiat also gave a general call for support to fight terrorism in the country. Ulema Joining the Cops

Beauty of Ooty

One of my dearest and respected friend after his first drive to from Bangalore to Kerala took the next step to drive from Bangalore to Ooty. This is what the statistics said. Bangalore to ooty distance - 300kms Time required to Drive - 6 hours Rest taken -1 hours Total time for travel - 7 Hours


Yup it looks like Kerala, but really its GOA :) The cloud of recession ? Winds of change ? The CSI event from IBM was held in PARK HYATT GOA, the event was planned in detail. Kudos to Ramesh and Team. The detailed preparation was evident when Anil showed the 'Agenda' slide on the first day and it said -"Sehri and Ifthaar Arranged" and he said please introduce yourself to the help desk and they will arrange it for you. Well guys !!!! thankful tears and god bless you. Are yar, who would even consider giving a Sehri and Ifthar at an event like this :)

SOA Governance Program

Prabhakars hard work now released as devWorks article :) His contribution was very important for SOA Governance Program for SOA Leadership Center.

Message of Eid

Ramadan is a blessed month that enriches and trains a person in patience, piety and charity, a refueling station for the remaining year, a bumper harvest for the soul. Eid is the award on culmination of the training. Khutba(Sermons) from Mosques The message from the Khutba (sermon) across the mosques called out to realize that this is not a day to say ‘bye bye’ to the patience, piety and charity acquired but it is a day that you have been certified to have acquired more of these qualities and then to maintain. So that it benefits you and the whole mankind in this world and the hereafter. “Respect your neighbor even if he be an oppressor” was one among the Hadeeth quoted which stressed the need for Harmony in society. Then Khateeb (one who delivers Khutba) called forward the Muslims to isolate and deter ‘misled elements from within Muslim community from causing harm, or those who try to break the delicate harmony that exists among the people’. People left the Masjid realizing these aspe

Green Movement - IBM

Yes we produce the greenest systems out there ( red-paper , podcast ), yes we care about people affected in Bihar ( Rs 55,67,265 donated) and yes the innovation that IBM drives influences and touches the lives of millions of people to help them have a better quality of life. Nicholas Donofrio, IBM executive vice president for innovation and technology ( interview ), convinces beyond doubt "If nothing changes, nothing changes". Yes !!!, we all wants things to change for better, this would happen with our readiness to change for better, its been long time since we have been thinking for change now its time to do. Last time I met a orthopedic was for Jagadish, a good friend of mine. I remember the doctor’s quote “Life is not equal to software”. Life is more than the world within the cubicle, more than within our friends and family, more than within our country, more than the whole of humanity and yet it is so simple to contribute to it. Why all these big words? When you visuali

A story from this ramadan

Dear Friend I went to "Kattangal" (a small town near my college) to fetch few brothers who were ready to go in Jamath. When I met them they told me to wait for some time till they get ready. So I came out of the building planning to check my mail. But then I saw a person who sells ice cream sitting idle on the corner of a shop. He told me that since Ramadan he has stopped selling ice cream and has not found any other suitable job. So I asked him whether he can also join with the Jamath. He told that he also has a brother and invited to meet him. The brother was not feeling well and so they were not in a state to come in Jamath. The conversation with them made me understand that they were having no money for food and ifthar. (They never asked for any help in the conversation). I took this brother home (my family was not present at that time) and prepared some food and gave it to him. After receiving the food he told me the same thing as in your story. “Today I have asked Allah

There's Still Growth in IT

Thanks Ritin for sharing "This is also because, when fresher we give 100% bt when we grow up in career, we do less adding more FAT (not file system) to our System :-)" Thanks Uday for words of wisdom.

Christopher Paolini - Brisingr - Book Three

Finally The book is out:), but it will have to wait till Ramadan and Eid is Over. OATHS SWORN . . . loyalties tested . . . forces collide. Following the colossal battle against the Empire's warriors on the Burning Plains, Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have narrowly escaped with their lives. Still there is more at hand for the Rider and his dragon, as Eragon finds himself bound by a tangle of promises he may not be able to keep. First is Eragon's oath to his cousin Roran: to help rescue Roran's beloved, Katrina, from King Galbatorix's clutches. But Eragon owes his loyalty to others, too. The Varden are in desperate need of his talents and strength - as are the elves and dwarves. When unrest claims the rebels and danger strikes from every corner, Eragon must make choices - choices that take him across the Empire and beyond, choices that may lead to unimagined sacrifice. Eragon is the greatest hope to rid the land of tyranny. Can this once-simple farm boy unite the rebel

What's New With IBM BPM

To find out what's new with IBM BPM here it the place to look for IBM BPM CHAT

Bicycling to office - Hercules Ryders

Now more than 7 months into bicycling office, am seeing growing interest in folks who wants to ride to office, indeed a better choice for health, wealth and environment. Just recently saw a guy coming to EGL with full bicycle gear, good going bro!!!. Now an official parking slot for bicycle is coming up, (yet to be announced from the concerned people officially, since at-least a year). More than twenty plus now ride to office and that number would hopefully keep growing. I am very much satisfied with my bicycle, Hercules Ryders, its been a worty investment. Plus I sold my Fiero bike and don’t feel the need of it :). <-Milestones-> Riding to Manyata and back (10 km in half an hour, how long does it take for you in car :)? ) Riding in the rain wearing rain coat (realizing a dream)

Formatting a Datapower

The datapower box that our team owns is like rented a technology showroom, where different teams request access to the box and we make domains for them where they play with the box and then finally produce something that they would like to show to customers/partners. From the last one year this showroom has seen various technical scenarios being displayed, the shelves within the showroom filled with artifacts one by one. Till on fine day we decided to clean not just the shelf but the entire showroom. In reality its not easy to clean the showroom without cleaning the shelf, but this is IBM ;), we can clean the shelf and the showroom at one go. For this login to box via CLI or the serial cable, go to CO mode then flash mode and then run the command ‘reinit firmware_name’ (the firmware should be uploaded to the box prior to doing this). Once the box is back after a reboot, the box is just like fresh from factory, you would have to login using the factory set username and password and acc

WTC - 2008

WTC memories of sessions delivered including SOA Governance, ‘What’s new with DataPower’, ‘MQ DataPower lab’ with and helping with ‘DataPower – WTX’ lab. SOA Governance sessions popped up interesting discussions, from technology, organization culture, organizational structuring, governance for an organization with spaghetti like structure, COE etc. DataPower received admiration from its ease of use and wire speed processing. WTC also provided participants chances to take a shot at certifications for free, so my self and Aru (Arumugam Maruthanayagam ) went to a partner to give a boost to the test takers and how to plan for certifications. A reason to hope that the team would do well, WTC went well, and at the last day the team lead and my self had a chat, he was very happy with the outcome with each person taking up multiple certifications. Then there were prizes for those who had maximum marks for certification done on a day. Pleased I was to see one of my favorite folks from that team

Message For Mankind From the Merciful of the Universe

Mumin(believer) is some one who loves and is loved, there is no good in a person who does not love and is not loved. The best among the humans is the one who is most beneficial to mankind One day prophet came towards a gathering and asked “Do you want to know who the best among you is and who the worst among you is”, the gathering remained silent so prophet repeated the question three times. Then one Sahabi from the gathering said “ O the prophet of our creator kindly tell us who is the best and the worst amongst us”. Prophet said “The best among you is whom people expect good and feel secure that you would not harm them, the worst among you is the one whom they do not expect any good and they are always fearful regarding your evil” The one who invites to something raising communal feelings is not among us, one who wages wars because of community is not among us, one who dies for community he is not among us. The world community is used because of lack of another proper

The Dear Departs II :-by Farooq Bhai

Departs, Her home to live in her in-Laws house. Departs, her parents to live with her Husband. Departs, the home full of memories to a home of starting new memories. Departs the two decades of attachments of the family where she lived Departs in look of new attachments where she has to live Departs the coolness of my eyes and happiness of my heart I use to call her at my moments of joy, sorrow and needs She use to respond, join me and attend to my needs Now i call her but reply never comes She has departed, Her room is vacant, her bed is empty Every moment I call her then i realize she departed My convictions becomes stronger that this world is a place of depart Then i start thinking about my own departure, fast approaching never avoidable The faith kindles my hope that one day we shall all rejoin in the eternity The eternal place of rejoicing is the place of real rejoice From dust thou are to dust returnest was not spoken of the soul Live in duniya as a temporary abode to live in Jann

Choosing a House

People have different conceptions regarding the place they would like to live in, comfort, lighting, ventilation, space, amenities, gadgets, neighborhood to name a few. There are four classes for an abode. 1. A bare house. Intent:-A minimal structure where some one can live in, an example is the picture given below. 2. A comfortable house Intent:-A house of strong construction with lighting, fan, air conditioning etc. provides the person with comfort. 3. A Luxurious house Intent:-Is a house with all of the above, the distinguishing factor here is ‘the look/feel good factor’ where the resident looking at the house feels happiness in the heart All the above forms of abode are permissible and within the pleasure of our creator, now you would be wondering what the 4th class is? 4. The Other House A house that is built with the purpose of show off, to create in minds of people an image of affluence and superiority such a house is reason for displeasure of our creator. With this as the

Mentors - Naveen Sachdeva

It was an honor, when Naveen Sachdeva kindly agreed to be my mentor. He convinced and strengthened me to take up ideas, share them at the right platform, identify, take up initiatives, and deliver them passionately, Naveen exhibited these higher traits within himself. That made it easier for me to assimilate at least a small fraction of that from his mentorship. He wrote this mail during his last week in IBM (19/06/2008) “ It was my honor to be your mentor. I am very happy and proud to see that you have done well and wish you all the best. ” The kindness, support, guidance Naveen has shown to me have given so many positive aspects to my professional and personal life for which words of thanks would itself be being ungrateful. Hope i could give the same to others what i have learned from him. Wishing you success in all future endeavors

Aiy Allah (Oh Allah) Naat Junaid Jamshed

Masha Allah Junaid Sahab, Khuda aap ko khush rakhein. About YouTube to MP3 Converter

Junaid Jamshed Naat - Mohabbat Kya Hai

Muhabbath Kya Hain, dil ka dard se ma-moor ho jaana Matha ein jaan kisiko saump kar majhboor ho jaana "O Alla i beg of you, the love for you, the love for the ones who love you, and the deeds that draw me to your love" - Dua of Nabi Kareem Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. About YouTube to MP3 Converter

Space, Time, Matter And The Beginning

Imagine a plane within a time space continuum where the dimension of time remains constant or non variable. Can you and I imagine such a state? The concepts of speed and movement cease to exist as it is relative to time, would things come to a stand still? Imagine pressing pause on your DVD. Even though the time within the screen freezes time for us continues, if our time also freezes and it does not change or if it is paused by some one who can, just imagine what would such a state be?, even the thoughts are paused? Can you imagine? Is our brain built to imagine and understand the wide stretch of implications of such a state? Every matter is characterized by mass, shape, volume, area defined and identified within three dimensions. From a human perspective the entire life of an Ant is spent in two dimensions the movement is left, right, front or back. For an Ant a third dimension does not make any sense as it does not need one. For us we have the directions Up and Down apart from the f

Imbibing Soul of Islam: Aspirations

Man is made with some characteristics deeply rooted within, the key character is to strive to excel. Talk to any one, you would hardly ever find a person who strive to fail. We can try asking Mittal, “Sir, would you like to retire now that you are the richest person?” he would say “well I can do better; in fact I have plans for the next decade already in place to excel”. Let’s ask the same question to a beggar in a way he would understand “See, how little you are earning and cant you look for some other job?” he would say “See, it is true that my daily revenue is a bit less this month, but I have found some hot spots where I am sure to find more revenue, and my boy begging is an art not every one can do”. No matter who ever we ask, every one has plans to excel, some in the right way and some in not so right way, some in right things and some in not so right things. This world and the things within it and the struggle for the things of this world is the root cause of all the problems in

Imbibe the soul of Islam

Despite millions being spent to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims, despite efforts of misguided followers and their irrational actions, despite the absence of Ideological global figures for Islam. Islam still provides peace and success for the ones who wants to understand it, follow it and achieve salvation. Islam, the word itself means peace and submission The salutation prescribed by the Islam means – Peace unto you It is in Quraan, that Allah has mentioned regarding the prophet as Rahmathun – lil – Aalameen. Mercy for all the creations, war or a battle was the final option prophet considered when all the ways for a peaceful endeavor would cease. Had prophet been some one who had no mercy for the creations then none of the people would have been ever following Islam. It is an agreed fact among the Ulema that different companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) had learned Islam in differing depths. Hazrath Abubakkar is the prominent companion of the prophet and is considered

Tribute to a good Human being

This Saturday at 1 am he passed away, suffering from a cancer that affects bone marrow and kidney. He is my uncle, husband to my mother’s sister a man of gentle nature and a pious believer. In all my memories regarding my uncle he appears pleasing or smiling, when ever he talked the words came through very clear the sound was just right. I can relate it to some one who tries to pull of a soft cloth stuck in thorns very carefully. The result being the cloth released from the thorns without being torn. His brother, a professor of Mathematics was my local guardian teaching in the same college I did B.Tech. My cousin’s (uncles son) Nikah was scheduled to be for 30th, but it was conducted early – last Friday in a Masjid, alhamdulillah. Something about good people is that they seem to understand good attributes within a person, and reminds you to keep those good attributes and no matter what ever be the circumstance they beckon you to hold on to those good traits. Since such traits does not

Help !!!

This is one of those typical scenarios where one friend helps the other but that help evolves into a small fight. Story goes like this; one of my friends wants to go to Tirupati for his son’s hair shave function, another friend of mine who is a die hard Tirupati believer [who does not wear shoes when he visits the place] steps in out of his way to help the other. He arranges an intermediary to arrange tickets, stay and stuff. But something happens in the middle that the father of the kid is not happy with the visit and arrangements, and the friends who helped is not happy that his friend is not satisfied with arrangements he gave going out of his way. This is my understanding that any religious trip is not a picnic, there are bound to be struggles and issues until the final goal is met. One of my friend recalls that during Haj he had to sleep in the median on the road because of some issues with co-ordination. So until both of my friends realize that one had helped the other, but there

What Men Think Of Companions

The topic is evergreen,Billions are being spend to understand and comprehend them The more research on the topic results in more ambiguity.... anways one more of those findings regarding our most precious companions Here It Is [this blog is not applicable for my wife:) ]

Appeal For Peace

I have some requests 1. Keep away from being instigated by any one to upset peace, spread mistrust and doubt. 2. What ever is happening with some IT professionals now is to reflect on our youth and prevent them being misguided from providing peace and prosperity for the whole mankind. 3. Some one may not be treating you in a not so good manner, you may be oppressed but be patient and do an activity that promotes peace not the ones that upset peace. 4. Let any one accuse you put you to trouble as long as you are clean all will end well. And Stay clean 5. Carefully choose your circle of friends, do not entertain calls from unknown numbers or people and do not call them back. 6. Trust your friends and correct them if they are wrong also be open to correct if you are wrong. 7. No religion in this world teaches violence as all the religions ultimately came from our creator. 8. Trust news that is clear, do not give in to speculation and stereo typing not all humans beings are bad. 9. Do not

Sura Yaseen- Amazing Recitation- MP3

"Every thing has a heart and Sura Yaseen is the heart of the quraan, I wish Sura Yaseen to be in the heart of every Mumin" (hadeeth) Download the mp3 from below

Mentor's Guide

When ever there used to be an interview or a test for a job opening for any of his children (younger brother, younger sister and I) Uppa used to say "If they are worthy enough to benefit from your services, Allah will give them the chance of letting you serve for them". Does this statement reflect pride? On the first read it might look like it until you delve into the deeper aspects of it, lets explore.               Each individual is blessed with capabilities and skills which are given to them and given to no one else. Consider an employer who is looking for some one with a type of skill, x-skill.   You might be that person who is having that x-skill, what if you are not aware of it? What if the employer is not aware of how to identify a person with x-skill after all he is not the creator who give skills to an aspirant. So if the employer is lucky enough, he would be able to identify the x-skill holder and take use of his services. In such an ideal case every one wins.

Send Free SMS - Anywhere In India

Just came across this site, send free sms including India, i tested it with an sms to my mobile and it works :). free sms

IBM developerWorks Inda Page

The developerWorks India page is the place to look for technical content, events and offers by IBM for its Indian audience. Here's where you connect with technical experts from India. IBM developerWorks India

Misconceptions of some inmates, incident #6

Most Muslim inmates in tihar had misconceptions regarding definition and understanding of some Arabic terms and their implications, much to the discomfort of Shaji and myself. Having spent some time with them, for prayers and also some shared our own dormitory. Shaji and I were quite disturbed at these notions, we decided that we have try and set things straight. So it was decided that we would discuss the topics that would clear the confusion after a congressional prayer. After finishing a Asar prayer, we asked if we could discuss some things which are important in Islam and every one agreed. So I asked “Who is a Kafir?”, answers came from left and right. “Those who do not believe in Allah” “Non - Muslims” We replied in the negative and then explained who is Kafir, “Kafir is a person who is convinced from within his heart that Islam is from our creator and there is only one god(Allah) and he is the creator and yet do not follow the commands of creator but follow his own whims and fanc

Hercules Ryders : My Bike :)

I got the one without the Alloy, alhamdulillah, 7Kg heavier but at half the price of the Alloy. Two trips to office in bangalore traffic, flyovers, non level roads, side ways, side roads, foot path and what ever, there is always a way (insha allah).

Health, Environment and Bicycling

Ever since after choosing IT as profession, a sedentary job with health hazards has always been a concern not just of myself but also of other peers around the world. So here is a humble beginning to a very positive movement from friends and co workers in IBM. Here is the link. Read It Here It gives you details of Health and environmental impact of Bicycling in Cities. Have been too busy with work to write something, hope to make up in coming days.