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Aiy Allah (Oh Allah) Naat Junaid Jamshed

Masha Allah Junaid Sahab, Khuda aap ko khush rakhein. About YouTube to MP3 Converter

Junaid Jamshed Naat - Mohabbat Kya Hai

Muhabbath Kya Hain, dil ka dard se ma-moor ho jaana Matha ein jaan kisiko saump kar majhboor ho jaana "O Alla i beg of you, the love for you, the love for the ones who love you, and the deeds that draw me to your love" - Dua of Nabi Kareem Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. About YouTube to MP3 Converter

Space, Time, Matter And The Beginning

Imagine a plane within a time space continuum where the dimension of time remains constant or non variable. Can you and I imagine such a state? The concepts of speed and movement cease to exist as it is relative to time, would things come to a stand still? Imagine pressing pause on your DVD. Even though the time within the screen freezes time for us continues, if our time also freezes and it does not change or if it is paused by some one who can, just imagine what would such a state be?, even the thoughts are paused? Can you imagine? Is our brain built to imagine and understand the wide stretch of implications of such a state? Every matter is characterized by mass, shape, volume, area defined and identified within three dimensions. From a human perspective the entire life of an Ant is spent in two dimensions the movement is left, right, front or back. For an Ant a third dimension does not make any sense as it does not need one. For us we have the directions Up and Down apart from the f

Imbibing Soul of Islam: Aspirations

Man is made with some characteristics deeply rooted within, the key character is to strive to excel. Talk to any one, you would hardly ever find a person who strive to fail. We can try asking Mittal, “Sir, would you like to retire now that you are the richest person?” he would say “well I can do better; in fact I have plans for the next decade already in place to excel”. Let’s ask the same question to a beggar in a way he would understand “See, how little you are earning and cant you look for some other job?” he would say “See, it is true that my daily revenue is a bit less this month, but I have found some hot spots where I am sure to find more revenue, and my boy begging is an art not every one can do”. No matter who ever we ask, every one has plans to excel, some in the right way and some in not so right way, some in right things and some in not so right things. This world and the things within it and the struggle for the things of this world is the root cause of all the problems in