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Genitically modified crops, Electronic Gadgets, AC, Toxic Wastes - Earth taken for granted

Your support and continuous financial contributions are what give Greenpeace the strength to battle the dangerous global environmental threats facing our planet today. In order to preserve our independence and objectivity, Greenpeace does not accept funding from corporates or governments. This makes your support absolutely vital to our cause. While your financial support is invaluable, there are other ways in which you can support our campaigns. 1)--Greenpeace is working worldwide to prevent potentially harmful genetically modified crops from entering our food chain. As a consumer, you have the power to tell governments that you don't want to be subjected to this untested technology. Check the labels on the food that you buy and say no to genetically engineered food. 2)--Planning to buy a phone, a PC, or a laptop? Many electronics products manufactured in India contain extremely toxic chemicals and metals that are harmful to human health. Greenpeace is working to make computers an

Sun Set In Kochi

Sun has set, now lets get ready for the other important sun rise, time for Prayers ... Bye For Now

Treaties in Islam – Political and Social Welfare for Humanity

O Ye who believe fulfill your agreements (5:1). Fulfill (every) contract, for (every) contract will be enquired into (on the Day of Reckoning) (17:34). [Explained in note 1 below] Prophet said that if four characteristics are found in a person then that person is a complete hypocrite 1. Deceives when trusted 2. Lies when speaks 3. Reneges (breaks) contracts 4. Uses foul words when debated. The worst punishment in hell belongs to hypocrites. Prophet proclaimed “ Beware !!!, I would level case in the judgment day against the one who does oppression or denial of rights or burdening or acquiring things without consent with a non-Muslim who is bound by treaty ”. Excerpts of Prophets treaty at Medina 1. Those within the treaty would be united against those who are outside the treaty. 2. The responsibility of just recompense for crimes done by a group would be owned by that group. 3. If any Muslim is not capable to provide justice in such an event, the entire Muslim community would be resp

Bike2Work Public Group

Bike2Work public forum has been rolled out. Join in to be part of the movement.