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Mind Map Tool Free

The use of mind maps for capturing ideas and evolving them into their various stages is of vital use for any professional, for any field of operations MindMeister There are many free ones out there but i found MindMeister to be quite useful as it has a limited free account, templates and works on IPhone, IPAD and Android Link Here

What Muslim Should Do

From the onset of human civilization one thing we are good at is the drive for continues development for improving living conditions, tools, means. We have come a long way, what was once un imaginable is an everyday reality be it communications, transportation, computing, harnessing energy, complex political social and economic systems. The tools and means that were used 2000 years ago are different from tools and means we use today, our existence in this world has been quite long. An individual may live for a hundred years, but the life of humanity is much longer, an individual learns as he grows and he imparts that experience into the continuum. What have we learned over the span of thousands of years? What made us better? What made us worse? What made us valuable? What was it that we understood as our purpose? What has happened for humanity that was for its good? What has happened for humanity that was self-destructive? These questions refer to the past, history has taught us t

Elahi Anta Rabbi Duljalali

This is an amazing Nasheed Masha Allah, Elahi Anta Rabbi Duljali ... Peace ...

Choosing An MBA

The Two Sides of MBA On the one side, there is business school that teaches 'how to do business' on the other side is Islam that guides how to live life as a business man. The global melt down shed lights on the dark side of Business Leaders, the decisions made by them spawned the catastrophe. Harward business school which is considered as the Mecca of Business learning took brunt of the criticism. With 70,000 alumni in 161 countries, HBS boasts accurately that it has shaped the practice of business in every industry and country in the world. The school bears heavy responsibility for the global financial meltdown and the corporate culture that spawned it. The business leaders pursuit of greed and taking big bets on mortgage backed securities to boost short term return for the shareholders, which in turn making them exceedingly rich. HSB was being criticized as an MBA factory that produced selfish and amoral operators who seek mainly to maximize their personal wealth at

Coal Powered Data Centers

Write to the CEOs of Microsoft, Amazon and Apple. Ask them to quit coal Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are dirtying your data. Ask their CEOs to clean-up and quit coal. india Every day, tonnes of asthma-inducing, climate destroying coal pollution is thrown in the air to keep the internet humming. Tech-giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Apple use coal to power the cloud, which stores our data. [1] Millions of people across the world got Facebook off coal. [2] Now the CEOs of these companies need our help. In the next 48 hours we need to send 100,000 messages to these companies. You should send a quick note to the CEOs of Microsoft, Amazon and Apple, asking them to quit coal. india Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are the most cutting-edge in the world and they are still

Discovery of a New Element

Received an email today, not many emails inspire to write something, but this one made me to. Quantum physics has always captured my imagination, photons, gravitons, muons, mesons, positrons, every one of them has a reason for existence most of them captured by an equation. Mankind ( at least the ones with some scientific background ) has always been fascinated, in the end to understand oneself, how one was made. The email received was from some one who dwells into and relishes the sci-fi aspect of life, he has quite a distinct way of putting across ideas, this is how he explains about the discovery of a new element. And i quote "The heaviest element yet known to science has been discovered. The new element is Governmentium (Gv). It has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lefton-like