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Political Welfare for Humanity in Islam– War or Peace

The notion people have about Islam is that it advocates dar-ul harb (land of war) or dar-ul-islam(land of islam), in short they feel that its either Islam or War. To this end Darul Uloom one of the prominent Islamic schools has provided clarification . “There is no question to call it Dar ul Harb. It is Dar ul Amn(land of peace). So long as Indian Muslims enjoy protection according to Indian Constitution, they are bound to serve their motherland. We are patriotic Muslims and shall ever remain so according to the Indian Constitution...According to Indian Muslims, India is their motherland. They have been prepared and are still being prepared to serve their country in all possible constructive manners" He added: “Indian Muslims honour from the core of their heart the Indian Constitution and believe in it heart and soul." On February 25 last year, in a fatwa in Deoband — the first such to be issued by any Islamic organization in the world — the Dar ul Uloom declared terrorism un

Yahoo Map, Find Latitude Longitude and Zoom

The mashup is built to -1. locate latitude longitude of a place/location,2. find zoom level from a loaded map, - (Move the mouse over the map and click) 3. latitude and longitude for loading the world map, (click on load world) 4. Display a location based on latitude and longitude at a given zoom level. (provide latitude, longitude and zoom values and click on Submit) (last update - 20/09/2009) Finding latitude and longitude of a place Any where in the World. Based On Name. 1. Enter a valid location address like "San Francisco" or "701 First Ave., Sunnyvale, CA" or "94089",(without quotes) in the place input box below 2. Click the "Find Place" Button 3. Use the zoom control on Top Left of the map for adjusting view. or read below The Way of Explorer 1. Click on any country on World Map 2. Change Zoom to 14, the map zooms In - Click 'Submit' 3. Click the next point near to the place you are looking for 4. Zoom to 11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3 etc t

Sadeqy (A True Friend) by Mishary Al Arada

Sadeqy - True Friend YouTube to MP3 Converter

Junaid Jamshed - Muhammad Ka Roza

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Anas Younus - Top 4 - Nasheed, Naath

(see new entry at the bottom) Aap ki nathein Main likh lik kar sunawoon :- mp3 (Intensity of love of prophet.) Kis tharah raazi karoon, kaise manawoon aap ko, Aap ko razi na kar paya tho mar jawoonga main choti choti kirsiyan ban kar ke bikhar jawoonga mein Zindagi ka is tharah mujh ko maza kya ayega Dil Siyahi ka bhaver main dhoobtha rah jayega Waasita doon aap ko main aap ka hasnain kaa Qaseeda (hasan ibn thabith) - mp3 Qaseeda by hasan ibn thabith is known to have surpassed rest of the qaseedas with its two lines. Rabbana - mp3 Uska hain madh-dar Khuda main aour app hain kya yaron Chand ke do tukde karna unke ek adaa yaron. Darbaar pe hazir hain ek bande aawara - mp3 (new entry- updated on 12-10-2009) Siraiki Memoni- mp3 The naat describes how biwi haleema would have nursed the holy prophet sallallahu alaihiwasallam You might need an MP3 Cutter

The Chicken Story- Shawai, Tanduri, BBQ or What?

Thursday afternoon is for friends and family to gather and spend some quality time together; cousins in Dubai get together every Thursday with accessories like coal, grill marinated chicken and kubboos. It is like a celebration with jokes, pokes, fun and barbeque, but first is to find a right place in the desert to settle down. First step is to get fire up coal, that requires skill and patience, next is to place the marinated chicken on the grill. There is no cooking oil used (zero cholesterol) and the chicken cooks in its own oil, each pieces are moved/turned so that the cooking is regular. Alas! The pleasure of sumptuous food. (made at home) Once the chicken is ready everything else is forgotten it’s just chicken and us, The name of the dish was of course a debate, Shawai, Tandoori or BBQ finally we decided to call it ‘chutta kozhi’. Recipe – Chicken marinated in Secret Ingredients for at-least 4 hours. Secrete ingredients:- Lemon/Curd, Mint, Cilantro, chilly powder, tamarind powder,