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A Useful and Practical Time Management Technique - Pomodoro

In a dynamic work environment where a person has to confront with long term plans and every day transactional tasks, being efficient becomes challenge and Managing Time becomes critical. The Everlasting Aspect. Time management is from the Sunnah of the prophet (PBUH), he used to divide his time into three( Matters of Deen, Matters Regarding Family, Time alone this is where he used to do muhasaba), a daily time table of the prophet has also been recorded in traditions. Prophet PBUH adviced Abu Dhar RA something to the nearest meaning of-There is no greater wisdom than good management. The Pomodoro Technique Value Proposition Alleviate anxiety linked to becoming Enhance focus and concentration by cutting down on interruptions Increase awareness of your decisions Boost motivation and keep it constant Bolster the determination to achieve your goals Refine the estimation process, both in qualitative and quantitative terms Improve your work or st

A Traveler, Nationality, Corruption

A Traveler  The world was flat, even before the 'World is Flat' was written, for the traveler world was and has been always flat and it would be for ever so until he/she were to come back home. Every being born is an initiate and is provided ample reasons to embark on a journey, each journey is distinct, each has its own path. The journey reaches its destination as soon as the traveler realizes the destination is the journey.  When the journey stops, destination becomes vague, traveler is lost, destination becomes like an elusive mirage unsure even of the existence of the imaginary, that at least should have an presence in mind. Human beings were created imperfect, for a reason. Longing for ever elusive aspects like eternal life, eternal health, relief from pangs of hunger of thirst, makes the imperfection evident. The destination for certain is perfection and the journey chosen for mankind is the pursuit of perfection. The moment one concludes that perfection is attained

Productivity Animation - Working Smart


Return From Medinah

It was time before Maghrib, Uppa much unlike himself asked to get Pepsi, he has never ever asked me to buy the drink as long as time in memorial. The shop did not sell Pepsi, they sold an alternative, it was not befitting to return empty handed. I turned towards the green Qubbah of the Prophet SAWS, a sense of parting with the most precious man ever walked on face of the earth and his companions began to form in my heart. As if i had been in a garden of fragrant and beautiful flowers and it was time to leave. The payment for the purchase completed mechanically, and started walking back. It is true that a believer's love for the Prophet SAWS draws him to Medina, this love is incomplete without loving the purpose and message of the dweller of the green Qubbah. I walked slowly with reverence, respect and love for my habeeb SAWS, feeling the presence of the leader of the prophets. It was time to take an account of my visit in the city of enlightenment, what does Medina symbolize

Random Images

There are images that inspire thought, imagination, or kindle good memories or sad ones. The first image is perhaps a bit peculiar, ive never seen a tap cared for so much So here it is image one ... Second Image is that one that brings back good memories ....

Galaxy Tab DocumentsToGo or QuickOffice

If productivity is one of the reasons behind buying a tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab, then there is reason enough to buy an office suite too. What is the best office suite for the android tablet? i am not going to answer this question specifically. Here the discussion is about an app that helps to perform day to day activities. There is an office application that comes along with the tab, that is free. Let us stop that discussion right there :) I was looking for a 'portable microsoft word' found two of them was mentioned in a website review (QuickOffice), the other was an app demo running on blackberry(Documents To Go). Now the rule of the thumb is, Buy something that is compatible or improves what you are already doing . So with this in mind, i installed QuickOffice and Documents To Go, let me first walk through the QuickOffice experience Smooth installation from Android Market, and then the visual delight of an interface, the icons look very cool. Now like 

Democracy - A Citizen's View

A Democratic Introduction Democracy is a form of political organization in which all people, through consensus (consensus democracy), direct referendum (direct democracy), or elected representatives (representative democracy) exercise equal control over the matters which affect their interests With so many conflicting interests being reality, equal control over any matter seems impractical. Would the oppressed and oppressor have equal control over any matter? According to one definition, democracy is a political system in which all the members of the society have an equal share of formal political power. In modern representative democracy, this formal equality is embodied primarily in the right to vote. If the democracy just boils down to this aspect of right of vote, how much value does this special right provide to 41% of the population who fall below global poverty line? Could they ask for Rice at  reasonable price and get it? Could they ask for equal opportunities amidst the in

What is Management Focus

The art of Management has become a part and parcel of everyday life, be it at home, in the office or factory and in Government. In all organizations, where a group of human beings assemble for a common purpose irrespective of caste, creed, and religion, management principles come into play through the management of resources, finance and planning, priorities, policies and practice. Management is a systematic way of carrying out activities in any field of human effort. Management need to focus more on leadership skills, e.g., establishing vision and goals, communicating the vision and goals, and guiding others to accomplish them. It also assert that leadership must be more facilitative, participative and empowering in how visions and goals are established and carried out. Some people assert that this really isn't a change in the management functions, rather it's re-emphasizing certain aspects of management. Its task is to make people capable of joint performance, to make thei

Some Things Important

A friends invitation ...  Humble dwelling and heart of gold  Food that fills stomach, and the amazing pleasure of gratitude for provisions ... So beautiful is the moon, or is it the sun? ... Never deny a gift, even it be a humble rose ... ( From Hadeeth )

Samsung Galaxy Tab or IPAD

To review any gadget be it Samsung Galaxy Tab or IPad is not easy, there is always a bit of bias because of constraints. So what was my constraint? i needed a compact gadget ( size of diary) that could do more than make calls or browse the web. Let me try an illustration.  Looks Like a diary, and compact ... Home Screen, Android style ...   My Quraan, mmmmaaaaa.... And my Quraan, alhamdulilillah ...   Time for some notes ...     Easier to type this way ...   It has to be kept this way ...   Some Sketches ... ESB makes sense, this way :) ... Lets Read ...      Some pdf please ...  Yeah you can zoom it too, not shown above E Books ???  Yeah this book shelf is cool ...  Reading is nice, plus flip pages by dragging and clicking as well ... Leave aside the size, IPad can do the same even perhaps better, but what if you want to make a video call? and not feel like taking your laptop,logging in and then make a video call? Here the galaxy tab scores, it has a front facing camera that