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Bicycle Tube - Things To Consider

Bicycle Tubes , they force you to frequent to a bicycle store/workshop, either for a puncture or for air filling. The visit can be reduced if not eliminated by Use Butyl tube instead of Latex, they are stronger, lighter and can retain precious pascals for longer periods of time. Have a spare tube with you always. If a tube has a habit of frequent punctures its good to replace it soon than fix the puncture again and again. One of my factory fitted tubes had frequent puncture problems this was fixed once changed the tube for good. Butyl tubes are costlier compared to latex ones, but yes the cost is justified for what you get back. Share your happiness with your workshop guy too, give him some Tip once in a while.

Article On SOA Governance

Sobha's article on SOA , Runtime policy binding has been selected as one of the featured articles in devWorks read it here

No Beats Required- Nasheed Favourites

Sinful Slave How Can You Deny His Name is Muhammed Amanthu Billahi - Basic tenets of Faith in Islam ( this has beats ) YouTube to MP3 Converter

Biography of Prophet or Seerath un Nabi SAWS

The box has audio recording of the biography of prophet SAWS or Seerathun Nabi, Narrated by Moulana Makki Al Hijazi, the language used is Urdu. To download move the cursor over the file in the box, click on the download link from the menu. Some comments are his own the historical narrations are authentic.

Free MP3 Cutter - Editor Download

The box has Free MP3 Cutter/ Editor, it has been scanned for viruses. I use it for my purposes hope you find it useful for you too :). Move mouse over the file icon, click on the download link from the Menu. Let me know if there is problem with downloading it, thanks.

5 Star or Zero Star - Life is Life

There is nothing more dynamic than life itself, a street salesman was selling pens and claimed life time guarantee for his product, one of his pens failed to work and the buyer complained that your guarantee is false. The salesman replied “what is the guarantee of life? None At All!!!.”. I have seen how elders have been cautious towards the world, prophet (peace be upon him) used to say whose nearest meaning is “When Allah bestows his love on his slave, he saves them from this world( riches, glitz and glamour) like you would save your sick from water”. It is narrated regarding Junaid Bagdadi (Rah) that he was a merchant of precious gems and stone, his shop was attractive and he himself sat slanting on cushions as he sold them. One among the people complained that you are a saintly person yet you sit in attractive shop slanting on luxurious cushions. Upon numerous such remarks he replied that his business demanded such an environment, and he tore his cushion to the people's surprise

Grand Hyatt Mumbai Experience

Travelling is a vital instrument for humanity, a means of reaching diverse destinations, for acquiring knowledge, enriching ones life and perceptions through such experiences, a means to earn lively hood, building relationships and the list would be endless. Nowadays I travel a lot, I have become like a nomad, the day times are hectic with meetings, architecting, managing expectations, project firefighting you name the works and its there!!!. Early morning rise, then planning day’s activities, work products, planning and confirming meetings, getting into professional attire, work…work…work, the work crawls into the night leaving any person exhausted and tired. During one such travels halt was at Grand Hyaat Mumbai , I carried the days work, with me to the hotel as usual, finished the formalities of security scanning, a polite and kind person at the reception looked up my reservation(Amex does reservations), and gave keys to a non smoking room. Walk towards room was mechanical, still a

Kochi Development TODO’s- Smart City, Metro Rail, Flights

a nice city Smart City ->>Huge amount of jobs and related opportunities with state of the art infrastructure, plan was proposed, foundation stone laid, progress is speedy as snail. Metro Rail ->>Convenient and comfortable travel would reduce traffic conjunction. It was the first metro rail to be proposed in India but haven’t seen the light yet. Fly Overs --> Fly overs at Edappilly Jn, and Paravur Kavala Jns which would provide faster connectivity to Airports. What you see in the background is Kochi International Stadium, Notice the high voltage lines ... Electric Lines ->> Shift of overhead electric lines to underground electric lines Airport ->>Flights between 6am to 7am and 6pm to 8pm to and from Kochi to all Metros. Kochi claims to be better connected to WWW, we did an experiment me and my friend tried to open an intranet site, he is logged into the intranet from Bangalore office and myself logged in from Kochi through VPN. To our surprise I was able to op