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Impact of Automation on Society, Jobs and Economy

Finished reading this book, The Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of Mass Unemployment by Martin Ford, the conclusion leaves the reader with many take away's. Hence this write up is going to be, a synergy of what comes from the book as well as thoughts on the topic from learning of the past.  The different facets of the book including the Moores law that predicts the doubling of processing, the instance of automation and self learning algorithms, of the influence of capital on labor, the impact of automation on the middle classes, the manual laborers, the possible scarcity of disposable income and hence how demand would impact profits/loss, to name a few. The case of a fully automated sushi shop, where automation replaces the cook, the waiter, etc. leaves a vivid image about the possibilities of automation. The algorithm that can write sports narrative as good as any sports writer capturing the nuances of sports reporting. IBM computer Watson beating Jeopar