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conglomerate of emptiness

Its been quite some time, It is not easy these days to spare few moments to write something, It doesn’t feel well to be taking the reader’s time for matters of great insignificance … Even Still ... its just an insistence .. read on ... An artist’s random splash at the canvas leads to masterpieces, My novice meticulous attempt at work of art leaves a lingering sensation, insipid , Some things, never leave, you can’t let go, some traits they never leave … Futile grievance on circumstances, of what effect, your traits they never leave … Not even a silent step for redemption and loneliness devoid of tears of repentance... For then how could it be justified, your claims, your complaints a conglomerate of emptiness … Reflect, Realize, and Recover, for my reasons for insanity relinquished, an obdurate surrender, Light alone does not sufficeth for enlightenment is blessing delivered.. Guide Me, Bless Me, For what ever you provide am in dire need ...  ربي اني ل

Justice Khan - Epilogue to Ram Janm Bhumi Babri Masjid Judgement

“My judgement is short, very short. Either I may be admired as an artist who knows where to stop, particularly in such a sensitive, delicate matter or I may be castigated for being so casual in such a momentous task. Sometimes patience is intense action, silence is speech and pauses are punches.” This is the epilogue at the end of Justice S U Khan’s 285-page judgment in the Ayodhya title suits. He reminds both the warring factions that “the one quality which epitomised the character of Ram is tyag (sacrifice)”. “When Prophet Mohammad entered into a treaty with the rival group at Hudayliyah, it appeared to be abject surrender even to his staunch supporters. However, the Koran described that as clear victory and it did prove so. Within a short span therefrom Muslims entered the Mecca as victors, and not a drop of blood was shed.” Admiring “our resilience” post demolition, Justice Khan warns: “We must realise that such things do not happen in quick succession. Another fall and we may

XMarks Shutting Down

XMarks is shutting down !!! Many users have been using XMarks It is sad news, but XMarks is no longer financially viable because of free services from Firefox Crome and Live. Many Have been using XMarks for some time, it had been doing a very useful service, users would be grateful for it without doubt. As XMarks noted when there are free services that does the same thing, who would be generous enough to shell out a few bucks in a year? To think of it users choose XMarks because it was free in the first place.  This entry is to appreciate what XMarks has done and why we hope that it would continue to provide its service in future too, having said that XMarks is not a charitable organization and huge amount of investment has gone into its making and really they need to make some money too. Best wishes to XMarks and its Users !!!

Ram Janm Bhumi - Babri Masjid

The verdict regarding the disputed site is finally declared. There was a huge amount of effluvium and resentment regarding one issue with the site, and the question which hurt both communities equally was 'Was a temple destroyed to build mosque at the disputed -Ram Janm Bhumi (Birth Place of Ram Lala a king who is worshiped by Hindus as Lord Ram) Babri Masjid site?' From the excerpts of the judgement and the study done by Geological Surve of india establishes two facts 1. A temple was not destroyed to build the babri masjid 2. The Masjid was built above the remains of a Temple which had been in Ruins even long before the masjid was built, and some remains of that Temple were used to build the Masjid. Link Indian Express ;   MathruBhumi News Let me congratulate my brothers and friends who wished to have a site of worship at the location and hope when we pray, from where ever we pray, we seek for all of us peace, unity and prosperity.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Photography Award

A picture of Sheikh Zayed's Masjid in Abudhabi has recieved the weekly best pic award from Digital Photography Review See rest of the entries in this slide show here

Genetically Modified Food

44,426 letters and all the calls to Sonia Gandhi had some impact on the Government. The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill did not make it to the Parliament. The bill in its current form plans to create an autocratic body to allow genetically modified (GM) food into our country. To take one more step towards safe food, Greenpeace has now launched the second edition of the Safe Food Guide. This guide ranks major food manufacturers on the basis of the stance they have taken on GM food. With the help of this guide you can check where the manufacturer of your favourite food brand stands on keeping food safe. The Safe Food Guide can be accessed online. Check out the Safe Food Guide 2.0 to see where your favourite food manufacturer stands. You can also SMS Food to 56070 to find out where its manufacturer ranks in the guide. The brand name will give you the most accurate result. The Safe Food Guide tries to make food manu

Fruits Fruits and Fruits

In Ramdan, the hearts open wide so does the purse, like the wise man once said what is a wide open heart if not accompanied with wide open purse... Now who is this wise man? It is  indeed a mystery but this is not a place and time to unearth wisdom from folk lore. So, Ramdan is when you spent for yourself and others; and try to treat yourself and others with a lot of good stuff and here when I say good stuff read as Fruits. Now another wise man said, let your guests fill their eyes with delight and then their belly's. This shop does exactly the same thing And ... And .... And ... I think you got the picture :)  And then its a good time to experiment new dishes when you invite your friends for breaking fast, but be very sure you have a plan A in that case. This what you see is an attempt to make spaghetti for breaking fast, and lucky for us it became plan A :) Alhamdulillah So treat your self and others, Ramadaan Kareem :)))))

TechnoPark Trivandrum single largest IT park in the country

The Technopark at Thiruvananthapuram, which is India’s first IT park, is celebrating 20 years of its coming into being today. Currently it is the single largest IT park in the country with 4.5 million sft built-up area with 180 companies operating in the premises, and employing around 28,000 IT/ITeS professionals. In July 1990, the government of Kerala conceptualised Technopark as a facility to foster the development of high-technology industries in the state. The Technopark was set up under the auspices of Electronics Technology Park, Kerala—an autonomous body under the department of Information Technology -- essentially to create infrastructure and provide support required for the development of high-technology companies. In the last two decades, the park has witnessed many major IT/ITeS companies setting up shops and expand-ing their businesses. IT maj-ors such as Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services have operations based in Techno-park. Infosys has set up its own campus in 50 ac

Astaghfirullah Seeking Forgiveness

The Nasheed has glimpses regarding the virtues of seeking forgiveness. In any given day, the relentless pursuit of the burden of sins in harming this world and the hereafter is so profound that no other cause matches its affliction. How worse could it be, when a person understands a deed to be not being a sin, and yet in front of Allah it is very grave? Oh Allah give my heart the right understanding, for understanding sin as what it is meant to be, and grant me the blessing to make amends and turn towards the life in which you shower your mercy and kindness.

BlackBerry Counter Tasbih Free Download

Finally a free Counter for BlackBerry OS 5.0.0.  The author of the App lost his favorite Tasbih, and couldn't find a free counter for BlackBerry OS, he decided to build one. Reciting Quraan daily and keeping a track of it is important, and mobile screens are not a good way to recite Quraan from, the book is a preferred approach for most. Most of the times its not possible to carry the Quraan, so to keep track of the last Surah and Verse recited, the App provides a solution for that too. As of now the app is only tested for BlackBerry Bold 9700 Once you download the App and install you would find it in Menu->Downloads Start the App and you would get a screen like below. Lets go through what each field means from the above screen. The Count field is which displays the count value, this is the field that keeps the count. It is not editable but it can be rest to zero. Counter Limit : This is an editable field, here you can specify each value to set an alert for the count. So

Munnar is Worlds second best travel destination

Second only to Tokyo, Japan, the serene hill station of Munnar in 'God's own country' has been named the second-greatest travel destination in the world by TripAdivsor. Surrounded by sprawling tea plantations, Munnar edged out Cambodia's Siem Reap and Kyoto and Nara in Japan to round out the top-five in the Traveller's Choice Destination awards for 2010.

So Much Power

Struts that could take All the Stress ... bend   Iron Pipes Torn ..... Cars Destroyed .... More Cars take damage and their Alarms goes off ... All this carnage but Imagine ... no human Casualty  ... Subhanallah ...

The Egyptian Civilization

"We in egypt always say that we are grandsons the pharaohs and the owners of the greatest civilization in the world and we have a history spanning thousands of years." Egypt's history is the history of human civilization that preceded others, the world's leader in innovations and arts, where scientists stunned the world and the intellectual. Be it the principles of writing or invention of characters and hieroglyphic signs. The ancient Egyptians were anxious to codify and record their history and life. This step made great civilization of Egypt to step into the present with rich authenticity. Egypt's spiritual history is enlightened by the way they embraced the prophets. It is a land honored with footsteps and incidents from the prophets and messengers. Abrahim peace be upon him, Yousef peace be upon him , great dialogue between God and Moses for peace between the territory, egypt resorted to the Maryam(Mary) peace be upon her and Jesus peace be upon him, You

Harmony a Human Commitment

Harmony He left the masjid, but it was not his first time, he was not hated for what he did, but recognized the value of the small effort he did. His name is Suresh, the week before also he came to Masjid well dressed, he stood among the rows shoulder to shoulder with his Muslim brothers for the Juma prayer. He did not keep any malice in his heart, he openly said 'I am here with you, only as an effort to build harmony, and my dear brothers I am not a Muslim and my name is Suresh'.   Suresh believes that bowing before the creator in prayer, in togetherness, in equality, in humility, in brotherhood could bring peace and harmony and he tried to practice that. Others prayed the Juma, I found my reflection on Suresh, it struck me and questionned me regarding my faith and my commitment to the matters that trouble our society and humanity in general. Allah, our Creator looks into my heart, sees why am I here in Masjid, It is for Juma, I prayed the Juma in togetherness,equality,humi

الإحتياجات الإنسانيه

إن للإنسان إحتياجات أساسيه لأستمراره فى الحياة ومن هنا وضع العالم ماسلو هرم الأحتياجات البشريه ونشرها فى عام 19 43 بعنوان ( نظريه فى التحفيز الإنسانى ) وقام بترتيبها من أسفل إلى أعلى على حسب أولويات الإنسان وهى كالتالى : 1-الحاجات الفسيولوجيه : وهى الحاجات اللازمة للحفاظ عل ى بقاء الفرد وه ى الحاجة إلى التنفس, الحاجة إلى ا لطعام, الحاجة إلى الماء, الحاجة إلى ضبط التوازن, الحاجة إلى الجنس، الحاجة إلى الأخراج . 2 - حاجات الأمان : بعد أشباع الحاجات الفسيولوجية تظهر أحتياجات الإنسان إلى الأمان والتى تشمل السلامة الجسدية من العنف والأعتداء, الأمن الوظيفى, أمن الإيرادات والموارد, الأمن المعنوى, الأمن الأسرى, الأمن الصحى, أمن الممتلكات الشخصية . 3- الحاجات الإجتماعية : وتشمل العلاقات العاطفيه, العلاقات الأسرية, أكتساب الأصدقاء , والبشر عموماً يشعرون بالحاجة إلى الأنتماء والقبول وإلى الحب من الآخرين وفى غياب هذه العناصر الكثير من الناس يصبحون عرضة للقلق والعزلة الإجتماعيه والأكتئاب . 4 - الحاجة للتقدير : وهى حاجة الفرد إلى مكانه إجتماعية مرموقه وشعوره بأحتر

Allah's Reply For Fatiha Recitation

The Surah Fatiha is recited by every muslim at the least 17 times a day, it is an integral part of the obligatory or non obligatory prayers. The Surah fatiha can be recited on its own outside the prayers or within the prayer as its integral part. White marbles on its own has its charm, but a white marble placed on the Taj Mahal has a distinctive charm and value. There is a story that goes in to Taj Mahal, of unending love. Each marble within the structure personifies and highlights that love embodied within the monument. The Prayer is a means for the lover and seeker of Allah to talk to him exclusively in privacy and in seclusion. When the time for the prayer is near, the seeker and lover of Allah turns towards the prayer, his means to have intimate conversation with the lover he seeks. Outside his prayers he sees the beautiful creations of Allah, all varied. He sees through his creations how Allah takes care of him, provides him thoughts, vision, hearing, compassion, empath

Learn Arabic Free Online

Arabic is national language of 20 countries, spoken by over 1.2 billion people, if you ever felt the need to learn it for free, for what ever reasons. There is a way of learning it free lets try to explore and find the way. First is the Most used Phrases,  this would get you started with basics. A Simple Series On Arabic Simple Arabic Series Second is the Detailed series of lectures on Arabic Youtube Online Course Vocabulary test for those who know qur-aan Qur-Aan Vocabulary Free Arabic Online Grammar Arabic Grammar   Third is how the changes to a single root word, changes the context of the word It plays Quraan in the background, best to put it to mute for many reasons.

Flight Path - the smoke line

A roaring sound of jet engine, the noise is too high to tolerate, but what was left after that was a beautiful sight.

Passions Car Bicycle

Sports Car Double Seater . Sports Machine Single Seater

Majestic Mountains

Mountains ....

City Planning - Parking Solution

The video shows a good solution to park cars, there is considerable savings in the volume utilized, design can be improved to accommodate more cars. This one seems to be the simpler implementation.

Performance Tuning DataPower

A recent article featured in developer works by Karim focuses on providing performance tuning approaches, guidelines and tips for IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance, since performance is a key attribute for WebSphere DataPower it is very important to be able to tune the device to achieve expected performance results. Link to the article - here A much awaited article on Profiling, Monitors and Tuning of key aspects of Datapower. From Article Review Desk

Thanking Readers

Dear Readers Thanks for showing interest to contribute to the blog, your support and prayers are most valuable. We are honored with your interest to add content to the website, you can use this post to provide a brief info regarding yourself and the topics you would like to contribute to the blog. The blog gets on an average 1000 pageviews, 700 unique visitors across the globe and 100+ returning visitors and growing Alhamdulillah. This would provide an opportunity to express your thoughts, learnings and share experiences. You would keep the ownership of the content you publish. The website which was earlier on started by muhammed yaseen is now home to a number of interested authors willing and wishing to contribute. Thank you All and Welcome.

Chennai Cyclothon BSA Hereculese

After the amazing success of Bangalore Cyclothon, here comes the much awaited Chennai Cyclothon and here is why Join the Bike2Work facebook group NOW   History is a witness to what actually Marathon was and we are a witness to what it is Today The Cycling Revolution   "BSA Hercules Chennai Cyclothon 2010 - Healthy You, Healthy Planet"   is an initiative of  "Children of the World India" and "Percept D' Mark"  for making lives healthier and a pollution free environment for the coming generations.  Very Much the cause We all care about