Fruits Fruits and Fruits

In Ramdan, the hearts open wide so does the purse, like the wise man once said what is a wide open heart if not accompanied with wide open purse... Now who is this wise man? It is  indeed a mystery but this is not a place and time to unearth wisdom from folk lore.
So, Ramdan is when you spent for yourself and others; and try to treat yourself and others with a lot of good stuff and here when I say good stuff read as Fruits.

Now another wise man said, let your guests fill their eyes with delight and then their belly's.

This shop does exactly the same thing
And ...

And ....

And ...
I think you got the picture :) 

And then its a good time to experiment new dishes when you invite your friends for breaking fast, but be very sure you have a plan A in that case.

This what you see is an attempt to make spaghetti for breaking fast, and lucky for us it became plan A :) Alhamdulillah

So treat your self and others, Ramadaan Kareem :)))))


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