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National Enterprise Architecture - Application and Journey

January 2018, at the First National Enterprise Architecture (NEA) Conference, his Excellency Eng. Abdullah Al-Swaha, set the broad mandate of NEA  “To reinforce the concept of Enterprise Architecture, and the importance of its adoption in the sector for accelerating the digital transformation of government entities, raising the Kingdom’s ranking in the UN e-Government Development Index and realizing Saudi Arabia’s Vision of 2030” Since the establishment of NEA for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has been an un-written prime directive to accelerate, facilitate and enable the advancement and progress of this dynamic and ever evolving great nation. NEA offers its capability and expertise in visualizing whole of government, and then being able to plan, analyze, optimize and govern the nation’s ICT in realizing the vision of 2030. NEA Journey Marsad NEA rolled out the world’s first whole of government service repository called Marsad. The application hav