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Eid -ul-adha Of Sacrifice or Qurbani 2009

Would you be intimate with some one, so intimate that to hear their name you would sacrifice all your wealth? Would you be so understanding about your companion intimate that even upon signs you would care enough to satisfy the need of the moment. That is the biography of Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him, and that is the plot for the Eid. The only one who knows the innermost matters of a persons heart is Allah. When Allah decided to make an affluent youth his khaleel (intimate friend),the angels were surprised. Why wouldnt they be?There is not even a speck of space where the angels are not performing devotional gestures.Angels are infact very close to Allah.They are so pure and subservient, always willing to heed to Allah's commands.And they are clean from any form of disobedience.The angel most dearest to Allah is the archangel,Jibreel(Gabriel)( peace be on him). He is also know as roohul qudoos(holy spirit).So Allah gave him a chance to test his chosen one. With Allah&

Chat Widget For Blog

A Chat Widget? For some one into blogging, the search for the right kind of widgets is like a sine curve. One of the widgets that you can put into your blog, is something that could provide you some additional collaborative capabilities. Most people prefer an asynchronous mode of blogging, to See then Observe then Think how it relates to events happening around. AND finally to undergo the pain of putting those observations\Visuals\Thoughts\Feelings into WORDS. This does not rule out others who would prefer a synchronous or impulsive mode of expression and collaboration. That is where Meebo comes in, Meebo gives your blogs a capability of asynchronous collaboration. Its a feature for a blog,BUT chat and blog are like Tennis and Soccer they have separate grounds for each. Google Wave once released would make it possible to play Tennis and Soccer on the same ground, just play one game or morph from one game to the other. Until then- I want you to reconfigure the desig

Unaaji By Sameer Al Bashiri

Unaaji By Sameer Al Bashiri, talks about the relation with Allah, conversing in loneliness with Allah.

Qurbani: Prophet's (sallalahualayhi wassallam) share

Qurbani is wajib(obligatory) on: 1.Free (not a slave) 2.Muslim 3.Muqim (not a traveler) 4.Owns the amount of nisab of zakah. One more thing about qurbani: Nabi (sallalahualaihiwassallam) made qurbani on behalf of his ummah. Similarly, it has been narrated that Sayyiduna Ali (radhiallahuanhu) used to make qurbani on behalf of Nabi (sallalahualaihiwassallam). Hanash(radhiallahuanhu) mentions: I saw Ali doing qurbani of two rams. So I asked what is this? He replied that Nabi (sallalahualaihiwassallam)bequeathed that I do qurbani on his behalf. Therefore, I am. Hanash (RA) mentions that Sayyiduna Ali (RA) used to make qurbani of two rams, one for Nabi (SAWS) and the other for himself. When questioned regarding this he replied that Nabi (SAWS) commanded me. Therefore, I will never leave this practice. (Tirmidi 1495) These narrations show Nabi (SAWS)’s love for performing qurbani that even after his demise he still wants qurbani to be performed on his behalf.  Therefore, who

Dhu'l Hajj : 10 days : Virtues

Verily, all praise belongs to Allah, the Most High, and may the Blessings of Allah and Peace be upon His Prophet Muhammad and his family and  companions, all of them. It is narrated from Ibn Abbaas that the Prophet(SAWS) said: There are no days in  which righteous deeds done in them are more beloved to Allah than these days, i.e. the ten days (of Dhu'l-Hijjah). [al- Bukhaaree, Abu Daawood and others]. It is narrated from Ibn Umara That the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings  of Allah be upon him) said: There aren't any days greater, nor any days in which deeds done in them are more beloved to Allah, the Most High, than these  ten days( of Dhu'l-Hijjah). So, increase in them saying of Tahleel ( La Ilaha  illa Allah), and Takbeer ( Allah Akbar) and Tahmeed (al-Hamdu li-llah). [ Munsad Imaam Ahmad] The Types of Deeds in These Ten Days:    1.  The performance of Hajj and Umrah, and these are the best of deeds that may be done. And what indicates their superiority i

2012 doomsday prophecy

The end of the world, would 2012 be a doomsday and be end of the world? Would it be the day when the creator will release the curtain on the show that he has created? Which would be followed by HIS Magnanimous and Majestic court ? Numerous signs mentioned in the Hadeeth has come true, so is it time ??? Well answer is NO. There are more signs to realize. Return of Prophet Eisa(Jesus) may Allah shower peace upon him. Emergence of Dajjaal. The above two are the most prominent signs. Most of us may not perhaps live long enough to see those days, for us our last moments in earth would be the beginning of our judgment day, which is certain. There is nothing much to do more for the doomsday, than what you would do for your own personal 'doomsday'. The only thing one can do is to make sure that it is not a doomsday but a celebration day, when the lover meets the beloved and the creation meets the creator. When one prepares for that for them it is Eid(celebration day

Kochi International Stadium Approach Road

Some believe scratches in car is a good luck charm, when a friend of mine went to fix a dent and repaint his car the mechanic said "Sir, it is good to have some scratches and marks in the car" my friend replied "Yeah, i have plenty of that in other places you need to fix only this ..." The commissioning of Kochi international stadium, where football and international cricket is played was a long standing dream of the locals. The day it was inaugurated was grande and memorable, now its been years. Topic for today is the approach road, its two double lanes separated by a median, but then it abruptly stops for some greenary, thats right no road but green. So some one who is driving through the lane takes a turn to get to the opposite lane and then CROSS the GREEN and then come back to his lane. I personally love greenery anywhere in the world, and we thankfully have some good greens. But can we just fix only this Please ...

Halaal Food E Codes

May allah reward all those who take the efforts to guide this ummah to the straight path and give hidayath to all those who try to misguide this ummah! Aameen. I would be pleased to list all the E codes mentioned in the forwarded email with it's explanation and halal/HARAM status: E 100 = Turmeric. Also known as Curcumin. Manjhal in malayalam. Turmeric, a representative of plant genus Curcuma, is a member of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae hence  halal . E110 = Sunset Yellow FCF. This is a complete synthetic chemical formula sourced from coal tar and azo yellow dye. There is no relation proved to animal sources hence  halal . E 120 = Cochineal This is red colour taken from crushed insects.  HARAM . E 140 = Chlorophylls and Chlorophyllins This colour dye is taken from Spinach, nettles and grass. 100% plants and vegetable source hence  halal . E 141 = Chlorophylls and Chlorophyllins; Derivative. This colour dye is a derived from the above ingredient hence  halal .

EeePC 1005HA note book:a wonderful experience

After a long survey of laptops and notebooks scribbling through their specifications,I finally got one of my choice,the EeePC notebook.Every notebooks i looked at was having atom proceeser,1GB RAM,160GB hard disk bluetooth and wifi. My purpose was for making presentations for teaching and access of internet. Initially I looked for dell laptops and notebooks but one of my colleague had complaints regarding its service in smaller towns. Well HP was my next choice but value for money was a priority. and I didn’t like the screen of notebook as it was strenuous to look at it.Sony was never my choice because I could never justify the cost. So I thought of looking at Acer notebook,a cute one.The price was much less(16K) than others.The battery backup was 6 hours which was good enough, weight was 1.3 kgs.Everything was ok for me before the dealer had put the battery in its slot.The battery took an extra space in the back so overall the dimensions increased.I thought I cannot carry it in m

BSA Hercules Cyclothon Certificate

Finally i got the certificate of participation in Hercules cyclothon bangalore .... and wow its awesome !!! :) Waiting for similar events in future with more number of participants ... Participant Details Here Unfortunately i could not put the T Shirt and the Goodies bag in the blog ;)