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BlackBerry Counter Tasbih Free Download

Finally a free Counter for BlackBerry OS 5.0.0.  The author of the App lost his favorite Tasbih, and couldn't find a free counter for BlackBerry OS, he decided to build one. Reciting Quraan daily and keeping a track of it is important, and mobile screens are not a good way to recite Quraan from, the book is a preferred approach for most. Most of the times its not possible to carry the Quraan, so to keep track of the last Surah and Verse recited, the App provides a solution for that too. As of now the app is only tested for BlackBerry Bold 9700 Once you download the App and install you would find it in Menu->Downloads Start the App and you would get a screen like below. Lets go through what each field means from the above screen. The Count field is which displays the count value, this is the field that keeps the count. It is not editable but it can be rest to zero. Counter Limit : This is an editable field, here you can specify each value to set an alert for the count. So

Munnar is Worlds second best travel destination

Second only to Tokyo, Japan, the serene hill station of Munnar in 'God's own country' has been named the second-greatest travel destination in the world by TripAdivsor. Surrounded by sprawling tea plantations, Munnar edged out Cambodia's Siem Reap and Kyoto and Nara in Japan to round out the top-five in the Traveller's Choice Destination awards for 2010.

So Much Power

Struts that could take All the Stress ... bend   Iron Pipes Torn ..... Cars Destroyed .... More Cars take damage and their Alarms goes off ... All this carnage but Imagine ... no human Casualty  ... Subhanallah ...

The Egyptian Civilization

"We in egypt always say that we are grandsons the pharaohs and the owners of the greatest civilization in the world and we have a history spanning thousands of years." Egypt's history is the history of human civilization that preceded others, the world's leader in innovations and arts, where scientists stunned the world and the intellectual. Be it the principles of writing or invention of characters and hieroglyphic signs. The ancient Egyptians were anxious to codify and record their history and life. This step made great civilization of Egypt to step into the present with rich authenticity. Egypt's spiritual history is enlightened by the way they embraced the prophets. It is a land honored with footsteps and incidents from the prophets and messengers. Abrahim peace be upon him, Yousef peace be upon him , great dialogue between God and Moses for peace between the territory, egypt resorted to the Maryam(Mary) peace be upon her and Jesus peace be upon him, You

Harmony a Human Commitment

Harmony He left the masjid, but it was not his first time, he was not hated for what he did, but recognized the value of the small effort he did. His name is Suresh, the week before also he came to Masjid well dressed, he stood among the rows shoulder to shoulder with his Muslim brothers for the Juma prayer. He did not keep any malice in his heart, he openly said 'I am here with you, only as an effort to build harmony, and my dear brothers I am not a Muslim and my name is Suresh'.   Suresh believes that bowing before the creator in prayer, in togetherness, in equality, in humility, in brotherhood could bring peace and harmony and he tried to practice that. Others prayed the Juma, I found my reflection on Suresh, it struck me and questionned me regarding my faith and my commitment to the matters that trouble our society and humanity in general. Allah, our Creator looks into my heart, sees why am I here in Masjid, It is for Juma, I prayed the Juma in togetherness,equality,humi

الإحتياجات الإنسانيه

إن للإنسان إحتياجات أساسيه لأستمراره فى الحياة ومن هنا وضع العالم ماسلو هرم الأحتياجات البشريه ونشرها فى عام 19 43 بعنوان ( نظريه فى التحفيز الإنسانى ) وقام بترتيبها من أسفل إلى أعلى على حسب أولويات الإنسان وهى كالتالى : 1-الحاجات الفسيولوجيه : وهى الحاجات اللازمة للحفاظ عل ى بقاء الفرد وه ى الحاجة إلى التنفس, الحاجة إلى ا لطعام, الحاجة إلى الماء, الحاجة إلى ضبط التوازن, الحاجة إلى الجنس، الحاجة إلى الأخراج . 2 - حاجات الأمان : بعد أشباع الحاجات الفسيولوجية تظهر أحتياجات الإنسان إلى الأمان والتى تشمل السلامة الجسدية من العنف والأعتداء, الأمن الوظيفى, أمن الإيرادات والموارد, الأمن المعنوى, الأمن الأسرى, الأمن الصحى, أمن الممتلكات الشخصية . 3- الحاجات الإجتماعية : وتشمل العلاقات العاطفيه, العلاقات الأسرية, أكتساب الأصدقاء , والبشر عموماً يشعرون بالحاجة إلى الأنتماء والقبول وإلى الحب من الآخرين وفى غياب هذه العناصر الكثير من الناس يصبحون عرضة للقلق والعزلة الإجتماعيه والأكتئاب . 4 - الحاجة للتقدير : وهى حاجة الفرد إلى مكانه إجتماعية مرموقه وشعوره بأحتر