The Egyptian Civilization

"We in egypt always say that we are grandsons the pharaohs and the owners of the greatest civilization in the world and we have a history spanning thousands of years."

Egypt's history is the history of human civilization that preceded others, the world's leader in innovations and arts, where scientists stunned the world and the intellectual. Be it the principles of writing or invention of characters and hieroglyphic signs. The ancient Egyptians were anxious to codify and record their history and life. This step made great civilization of Egypt to step into the present with rich authenticity.

Egypt's spiritual history is enlightened by the way they embraced the prophets. It is a land honored with footsteps and incidents from the prophets and messengers. Abrahim peace be upon him, Yousef peace be upon him , great dialogue between God and Moses for peace between the territory, egypt resorted to the Maryam(Mary) peace be upon her and Jesus peace be upon him, Yousef Al Najjar and their historic trip to bless the land seem to be indicative of the spiritual value of the land. As if the land has been chosen by The God Almighty to be an oasis or a stronghold which shelter of peace and security.

Egypt played its role as the cradle of ancient civilization, the incubator of Greek and Roman civilizations. Egypt has also been a protector of Islamic civilization, along the history of love, tolerance and friendliness and generosity characterized by this people.

If you would like to more about the Egyptian civilization be sure to read ( history, religion, arts, sciences ,etc......)


  1. Masha Allah a concise write up on contributions of Egypt to Civilization and Religion. Spending a few minutes to read about this would give any person a fair introduction to Egypt and its People. Jazakallah Kol Khair.


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