BlackBerry Counter Tasbih Free Download

Finally a free Counter for BlackBerry OS 5.0.0.
 The author of the App lost his favorite Tasbih, and couldn't find a free counter for BlackBerry OS, he decided to build one. Reciting Quraan daily and keeping a track of it is important, and mobile screens are not a good way to recite Quraan from, the book is a preferred approach for most. Most of the times its not possible to carry the Quraan, so to keep track of the last Surah and Verse recited, the App provides a solution for that too.

As of now the app is only tested for BlackBerry Bold 9700

Once you download the App and install you would find it in Menu->Downloads

Start the App and you would get a screen like below.
Lets go through what each field means from the above screen.
  • The Count field is which displays the count value, this is the field that keeps the count. It is not editable but it can be rest to zero.
  • Counter Limit : This is an editable field, here you can specify each value to set an alert for the count. So if it is set to 100, once the Count field reaches that value or its multiples the phone gives a beep and vibrates for 3 seconds
  • Surah : Here user can specify the Surah number or chapter in the Quran last read.
  • Verse : Here user can specify the verse from the above Surah last read.
  • Page : Here for users ease to locate the last Surah and Verse user had read, specify the page too.
  • Reset Counter: Resets the counter
  • Save : Save it all.
How it Works 
To increment counter there are two ways
1. Keep the input focus in Counter field and press the trackball key or you can press 't' key even if the focus is not on Counter field.

Set the counter limit to any specific value on which to alert the user, if 100 is specified the alert will be sounded when count reaches 100 and multiples of it, for example 100,200,300 etc ...

If you close the App from the menu, it will display the following message box.

And before the app exists it saves all the values automatically to the phones memory and is reloaded next time the App is started.
The App has been published by GetJar and can be downloaded from here


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