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Some Things Important

A friends invitation ...  Humble dwelling and heart of gold  Food that fills stomach, and the amazing pleasure of gratitude for provisions ... So beautiful is the moon, or is it the sun? ... Never deny a gift, even it be a humble rose ... ( From Hadeeth )

Samsung Galaxy Tab or IPAD

To review any gadget be it Samsung Galaxy Tab or IPad is not easy, there is always a bit of bias because of constraints. So what was my constraint? i needed a compact gadget ( size of diary) that could do more than make calls or browse the web. Let me try an illustration.  Looks Like a diary, and compact ... Home Screen, Android style ...   My Quraan, mmmmaaaaa.... And my Quraan, alhamdulilillah ...   Time for some notes ...     Easier to type this way ...   It has to be kept this way ...   Some Sketches ... ESB makes sense, this way :) ... Lets Read ...      Some pdf please ...  Yeah you can zoom it too, not shown above E Books ???  Yeah this book shelf is cool ...  Reading is nice, plus flip pages by dragging and clicking as well ... Leave aside the size, IPad can do the same even perhaps better, but what if you want to make a video call? and not feel like taking your laptop,logging in and then make a video call? Here the galaxy tab scores, it has a front facing camera that