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Message For Mankind From the Merciful of the Universe

Mumin(believer) is some one who loves and is loved, there is no good in a person who does not love and is not loved. The best among the humans is the one who is most beneficial to mankind One day prophet came towards a gathering and asked “Do you want to know who the best among you is and who the worst among you is”, the gathering remained silent so prophet repeated the question three times. Then one Sahabi from the gathering said “ O the prophet of our creator kindly tell us who is the best and the worst amongst us”. Prophet said “The best among you is whom people expect good and feel secure that you would not harm them, the worst among you is the one whom they do not expect any good and they are always fearful regarding your evil” The one who invites to something raising communal feelings is not among us, one who wages wars because of community is not among us, one who dies for community he is not among us. The world community is used because of lack of another proper

The Dear Departs II :-by Farooq Bhai

Departs, Her home to live in her in-Laws house. Departs, her parents to live with her Husband. Departs, the home full of memories to a home of starting new memories. Departs the two decades of attachments of the family where she lived Departs in look of new attachments where she has to live Departs the coolness of my eyes and happiness of my heart I use to call her at my moments of joy, sorrow and needs She use to respond, join me and attend to my needs Now i call her but reply never comes She has departed, Her room is vacant, her bed is empty Every moment I call her then i realize she departed My convictions becomes stronger that this world is a place of depart Then i start thinking about my own departure, fast approaching never avoidable The faith kindles my hope that one day we shall all rejoin in the eternity The eternal place of rejoicing is the place of real rejoice From dust thou are to dust returnest was not spoken of the soul Live in duniya as a temporary abode to live in Jann

Choosing a House

People have different conceptions regarding the place they would like to live in, comfort, lighting, ventilation, space, amenities, gadgets, neighborhood to name a few. There are four classes for an abode. 1. A bare house. Intent:-A minimal structure where some one can live in, an example is the picture given below. 2. A comfortable house Intent:-A house of strong construction with lighting, fan, air conditioning etc. provides the person with comfort. 3. A Luxurious house Intent:-Is a house with all of the above, the distinguishing factor here is ‘the look/feel good factor’ where the resident looking at the house feels happiness in the heart All the above forms of abode are permissible and within the pleasure of our creator, now you would be wondering what the 4th class is? 4. The Other House A house that is built with the purpose of show off, to create in minds of people an image of affluence and superiority such a house is reason for displeasure of our creator. With this as the