The Dear Departs II :-by Farooq Bhai

Departs, Her home to live in her in-Laws house.
Departs, her parents to live with her Husband.
Departs, the home full of memories to a home of starting new memories.
Departs the two decades of attachments of the family where she lived
Departs in look of new attachments where she has to live
Departs the coolness of my eyes and happiness of my heart
I use to call her at my moments of joy, sorrow and needs
She use to respond, join me and attend to my needs
Now i call her but reply never comes
She has departed, Her room is vacant, her bed is empty
Every moment I call her then i realize she departed
My convictions becomes stronger that this world is a place of depart
Then i start thinking about my own departure, fast approaching never avoidable
The faith kindles my hope that one day we shall all rejoin in the eternity
The eternal place of rejoicing is the place of real rejoice
From dust thou are to dust returnest was not spoken of the soul
Live in duniya as a temporary abode to live in Jannath as the eternal abode
How soothing, how healing this faith is
Comes to rescue in the moments of despair
Asylum for every one at every time every where
My faith grows stronger, that Allah SWT will unite us in Jannath for ever
With happiness that will never see sorrow
With comforts that will never see difficulties
With pleasure that will never see sadness
And finally Allahs pleasure and will never see his displeasure

(Written on the eve of wedding of his daughter)


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