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Beauty of Ooty

One of my dearest and respected friend after his first drive to from Bangalore to Kerala took the next step to drive from Bangalore to Ooty. This is what the statistics said. Bangalore to ooty distance - 300kms Time required to Drive - 6 hours Rest taken -1 hours Total time for travel - 7 Hours


Yup it looks like Kerala, but really its GOA :) The cloud of recession ? Winds of change ? The CSI event from IBM was held in PARK HYATT GOA, the event was planned in detail. Kudos to Ramesh and Team. The detailed preparation was evident when Anil showed the 'Agenda' slide on the first day and it said -"Sehri and Ifthaar Arranged" and he said please introduce yourself to the help desk and they will arrange it for you. Well guys !!!! thankful tears and god bless you. Are yar, who would even consider giving a Sehri and Ifthar at an event like this :)

SOA Governance Program

Prabhakars hard work now released as devWorks article :) His contribution was very important for SOA Governance Program for SOA Leadership Center.

Message of Eid

Ramadan is a blessed month that enriches and trains a person in patience, piety and charity, a refueling station for the remaining year, a bumper harvest for the soul. Eid is the award on culmination of the training. Khutba(Sermons) from Mosques The message from the Khutba (sermon) across the mosques called out to realize that this is not a day to say ‘bye bye’ to the patience, piety and charity acquired but it is a day that you have been certified to have acquired more of these qualities and then to maintain. So that it benefits you and the whole mankind in this world and the hereafter. “Respect your neighbor even if he be an oppressor” was one among the Hadeeth quoted which stressed the need for Harmony in society. Then Khateeb (one who delivers Khutba) called forward the Muslims to isolate and deter ‘misled elements from within Muslim community from causing harm, or those who try to break the delicate harmony that exists among the people’. People left the Masjid realizing these aspe