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Imbibe the soul of Islam

Despite millions being spent to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims, despite efforts of misguided followers and their irrational actions, despite the absence of Ideological global figures for Islam. Islam still provides peace and success for the ones who wants to understand it, follow it and achieve salvation. Islam, the word itself means peace and submission The salutation prescribed by the Islam means – Peace unto you It is in Quraan, that Allah has mentioned regarding the prophet as Rahmathun – lil – Aalameen. Mercy for all the creations, war or a battle was the final option prophet considered when all the ways for a peaceful endeavor would cease. Had prophet been some one who had no mercy for the creations then none of the people would have been ever following Islam. It is an agreed fact among the Ulema that different companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) had learned Islam in differing depths. Hazrath Abubakkar is the prominent companion of the prophet and is considered