Imbibe the soul of Islam

Despite millions being spent to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims, despite efforts of misguided followers and their irrational actions, despite the absence of Ideological global figures for Islam. Islam still provides peace and success for the ones who wants to understand it, follow it and achieve salvation.

Islam, the word itself means peace and submission
The salutation prescribed by the Islam means – Peace unto you

It is in Quraan, that Allah has mentioned regarding the prophet as Rahmathun – lil – Aalameen. Mercy for all the creations, war or a battle was the final option prophet considered when all the ways for a peaceful endeavor would cease. Had prophet been some one who had no mercy for the creations then none of the people would have been ever following Islam.

It is an agreed fact among the Ulema that different companions of the prophet (peace be upon him) had learned Islam in differing depths. Hazrath Abubakkar is the prominent companion of the prophet and is considered as the most learned in core matters of Islam. Prophet ordered Hazrath Abubakkar to make dua for “Peace” as one of the important supplications. When prisoners of war were brought after battle of badar, it was Hazrath Abubakkar who suggested that let the prisoners of war teach Arabic to those who do not know and let that be the ransom for their freedom. It was decided to be so.

Hazrath Umar the second caliph used to sent delegations to different regions for Islam, when he sent them he would remind them to fear Allah and that war is only the last option. During his time one such delegation reached a kingdom, the king gave them a proposition. That he will assemble all his subjects and the companions can preach regarding Islam. Who so ever wants to accept Islam would be free to do so, and at the same time who so ever wants to remain in his previous religion he should also be free to do so. To which the companions of the prophet agreed, the people were assembled on of the companions preached Islam. Some came forward and accepted Islam, some stayed back with their previous religion. Those who came forward were not harmed by the king and those who stayed back were not harmed by the delegation.

Hazrath Usman was the third caliph, when there were differences in opinion during his rule and people put a siege on him, one of the companions of prophet came with an army of 10,000 people and told him that if he wants he will find and kill all the people responsible for the siege. To which Hazrath Usman said “I would not like to be the reason for my subjects to take up arms and kill each other”. Hazrath Usman was later martyred in the siege by the oppressors, but he never let peace be out of hand till his last breath.

Hazrath Ali was the fourth Caliph, Ibn Muljam(a non muslim) was the person who was conspiring to kill Hazrath Ali, when ever Hazrath Ali used to see him he used to say, I wish well for this person but yet he wants to kill me. Ibn Muljam was his subject, nothing prevented Hazrath Ali to just arrest him and order a statement to kill him. But hazrath Ali like his predecessors had imbibed the soul of Islam. He was martyred by Ibn Muljam, but Hazrath Ali did not stain the purity of Islam.

My dear brothers this is dying for Islam, dying for peace. That you would sacrifice yourself but not let any harm come to others intentionally or unintentionally. Let us try to imbibe within us the soul of Islam. This is not referring to so and so book, so and so chapter, so and so page, but this is referring to a life called Islam.

The verses of the Quraan , relating to different situations including wars were revealed across a span of 23 years. It is not possible to take a verse out of Quraan and say that this is what it says, but one has to understand why it was revealed, when it was revealed, what were the circumstances. The four rightly guided caliphs lived Islam, understanding the essence of Islam and the revelations. Islam was their life; today people like me are there who preach in the name of Islam, we quote from Quraan and Hadeeth. But our life is far, far away from Islam.


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