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The Datapower Boot Camp Story

About IBM’s Datapower is a hardware device that speeds up to wire speed the processing of XML(a widely accepted data format) and is very fast compared to software, how ever much of the capabilities of this hardware is not known well enough for the IT industry to take full advantage of the device. We had recently formed a Datapower competency to enable and to educate the IT industry on Datapower. The team is headed by Manu (the captain), with me, Sateesh Balakrishnan, Vanishree and Sobha being the tech experts. We organized a boot camp which completed on 23rd of this month. Many people were skeptical whether a team from India could successfully pull it of as Datapower was a very new product and our technical capabilities were not yet published. To this our second line manager Jagan Karuturi remarked in one of his conversations “If there are any skeptics out there we will prove you wrong. Proud to be part of this team”. Rajashree always does a wonderful work; she had arranged the bo

This World and the Next

The main feature of this world is inequality of providence but equality of freedom to choose your path, consider the following equation A + B = C + D. Mathematically speaking we can say that sum of C and D is equal in value to the sum of A and B. We humans in order to keep our numbers right devised this mechanism of numbers. So we very well know what is 3 and 4, four is bigger and better than 3, money with four digits can get you more things (more trouble also, he he), but 3 problems are better than 4 similar problems. It is obvious that this world has been created by some one, our creator, I call him Allah. “He who has learned about his body has learned about his lord” We read a book by Harun Yahya, “Fact of creation”; in it is the story of sperm. Sperm is a delivery mechanism with a motor, a shield, and payload which has to deliver the payload to its destination. After continues tests in wind tunnels and test launches a rocket sets of with its payload to the orbit with a satellite. B