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Umpire David Shepherd Dies

Popular umpire David Shepherd, renowned for his sound judgement and idiosyncracy, died of cancer last night at the age of 68. Shepherd is survived by his wife Jenny, whom he married last year. One of the most affable umpires of his era, 'Shep' had officiated with distinction in 92 Test matches and 172 One-Day Internationals, including three World Cup finals. "I feel very saddened this has happened," a grief-stricken Dicky Bird told of his umpiring colleague. "He was a fine umpire, we spent many happy hours together. He was a great man and a tremendous man to umpire with. He was a good bloke, he'll be sadly missed and he was a great friend," Bird told Sky Sports. Shepherd played county cricket for Gloucestershire, making his first-class debut in 1965. After dropping curtains on his playing career in 1979, Shepherd made his international umpiring debut in the 1983 World Cup and stood in three successive World Cup finals in 1996, 1999 and 200

Digital Camera - Ponder About It

Its been quite some time, ive been pondering over it ... Some times i get convinced out of impulse , just go for it ... Most of the time rationality takes over, how much benefit at what cost ... But then technology is an innocent indulgence until you spent the bucks .. It takes me to pages, Sony, Kodak, Canon, Nikon, and what not  Tools are a constraint, but its constraints that shapes works of art or architecture ... To extract sensation, sentiment, passion and life from the inanimate is a dare ... The aura of the Taj, permeate its cold elements ... Had the walls of Taj been drawn, with painting of men or animate For then it would'nt be Taj but something else ... Like aroma of Nasheed, kept pure, away from strings ... Let it be that way, let it be constrained, let me just strive to bring out a picture ... For not just the aim but the means do stand to testify ... What I have that gives me a portrait is good enough, for creation is HIS job i just need to convey  ...

Don't talk to me about Muhammed(pbuh)

 Don't talk to me about Muhammed by Dawud Wharnsby, a Canadian by birth.

Top Ten (10) Nasheed

These are a collection of top ten songs in English and Arabic.The songs are themselves so musical that they don't require additional music. Top ten nasheed collection, will add more to it insha allah. The ranking is the compilors own choice and has nothing to do with the excellence of the nasheed. I like them all, without any order, but farshi turab(10) and the 1st one are awesome !!!

Andaman Port Blair Havelock Wandoor Trip

Details of the Trip Day 1  :- Arrival in Port Blair , transfer to resort , make yourself comfortable after that city tour of Port Blair starts , it includes trip to Chatham Saw Mill, Forest Museum , Fisheries Museum ,Anthropological Museum , Cellular Jail , Carbyn's cove Beach & evening light & sound show at Cellular jail. Day 2  :- Trip to havelock Islands in Speed Boat , visit to Radha Nagar Beach & kalapathar Beach . Night stay in Havelock. Day 3 :- Return from Havelock and after that trip to Wandoor Marine National park & Mawa Dera , glass bottom boat ride & snorkeling at Mawa dera , Evening free for shopping. Day 4 :-Trip to Baratang Islands, visit to Mud Volcano; Lime stone caves on the way see the Jarawas' ( the Original Natives of these Islands). Day 5 :- Drop to Airport, fly back with ever lasting memories of these emerald Islands.   The total trip cost 17K per couple, there is direct flight from Bangalore but halts at Chen

SOA Session NSHM Durgapur

Rahul K Sharma asked me to do an SOA session in Kolkata for management students. Then i had to re affirm my YES when the request was followed up by Nitin calling me up to get a confirmation. How ever they missed out to inform that the session would happen at a distance of about 3 hours drive from Kolkata. The venue was NSHM Durgapur, around 3 hours drive from Kolkata. Very serene campus, amidst the greenery has a good ambiance to it too. The audience were MBA students, which was followed up by Rahuls technical session for the BCA students. We were joined by Mr Majumdar and Debasis, the long drive took us through discussions covering art, literature, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Tata Nano, Singur plant, Sales, technology, plight of the many displaced homeless poor in the name of development. What works in business and what does not work, what works in IT and what does not work. Mr Majumdar is 30 years into IT industry i learned a few quotes from him. "Power leads to corruption, abso

cyclothon 09 participant details

The BSA Hercules Cyclothon 09 Bangaluru was an awesome success !!! the participation shows it !!! Total rough estimate of participants is 7 to 8 thousand (optimistic) and 6000+ ( for sure). Corporate Participation was from 300 to 400 riders Accenture / Infosys had a group close to 100 IBM had a group of 15 of which 3 were girls, the over all estimated percentage of female participation is being put at about 5%. The arrangements were better than expected, the way they rented out bicycles was also impressive given the challenges of renting out bicycles for around 6k of people. The event re-affirms my belief that going green is a worthy cause to take up not just to keep our self healthy but also to contribute to the healthy living in general and most importantly to build a better tomorrow where coming generations would have a greener and healthier environment. Authorities please take a note, we need bicycle lanes in bangalore.

Nobel Prize Medicine 2009

Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak identified a key molecular switch in cellular ageing for which they were awarded Nobel prize. The institute said the three had solved a major problem in biology, namely how chromosomes were copied completely during cell division and protected against degradation. At the ends of chromosomes are small caps called telomeres, which prevent the cells from degrading. Blackburn and Greider identified telomerase, an enzyme that forms these caps. Meanwhile, research by Szostak and Blackburn cast light on how the shortening of the caps was linked to ageing. The discoveries...have added a new dimension to our understanding of the cell, shed light on disease mechanisms, and stimulated the development of potential new therapies, it said The efforts that bring well being and benefits to humanity and life can never be truly rewarded. Let those rewards be with awards, cash or words of praise, let us assume that these findings lead cure or me

dotnet C# Singleton Issues

Singleton's are not a good choice if you are planning for HA (High Availability), but it would work provided HA for the cache is also taken into account and singleton is designed and implemented keeping HA in mind. Singleton seems to work and behave differently in Classic and Integrated modes because the way requests are handled by IIS 7. If the scenario is coupled with load balancing then definitely Singleton would cease to be a singleton anymore, the impact of which would cause the application to cease functioning as expected sacrificing reliability. Considering the above technical risks and limitations or problem one way to go about it is. Design the singleton keeping HA in mind plus make the following changes the way the object is constructed. the code for asp-dotnet ( in C# is as follows. This makes use of the Application object for making an application level singleton. public class Singleton {   private static volatile Singleton instance;   private static

Boat Accident Kerala

The boat accident in Kerala at the Periyar Wildlife sanctuary caused much grief today morning. Eleven people from Delhi, including three each from two neighbouring families, were among 39 people, officials said. The tragedy occurred when the state-run double decker boat 'Jalakanyaka' carrying 74 tourists tilted after several tourists moved to one side on sighting elephants in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary on the banks of the lake on Wednesday.  A control room has been set up in Kerala House in Delhi where people can contact for details. The numbers are 011-23342320/30411500. The Kerala helpline numbers are 09446052361 and 04869222620.

Tabligh Movement ( Thableeg or Thabligh or Tableegh)

The Question 1. What is Tabligh (Thableeg or Thabligh or Tableegh ) Jamaat? 2. Who started this work? 3. Was it in practice during Rasulullah (SAWS) and his companions? 4. Why is 3 days, 40 days, 4 months? Is the system Bidah? 5. Is the duty of Dawat-e-Tabligh compulsory for all or only for Ulama? Please, let me know that exact and correct views of Dawat-e-Tabligh? Where can I find more about all my queries? Please suggest me Informative websites so I can find adequete information about my queries. My main concern is I need more and more information and Ilm about my Deen so I can prepare myself enough. I definitely wish to help myself and my family, my neighbours, my friends about Deen but only through Solid and correct information of Deen. The Answer In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Allah Ta’ala says in the Quran; “Say (O’ Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam) this is my way; I invite to Allah Ta’ala, I