Tabligh Movement ( Thableeg or Thabligh or Tableegh)

The Question
1. What is Tabligh (Thableeg or Thabligh or Tableegh ) Jamaat?
2. Who started this work?
3. Was it in practice during Rasulullah (SAWS) and his companions?
4. Why is 3 days, 40 days, 4 months? Is the system Bidah?
5. Is the duty of Dawat-e-Tabligh compulsory for all or only for Ulama?

Please, let me know that exact and correct views of Dawat-e-Tabligh? Where can I find more about all my queries? Please suggest me Informative websites so I can find adequete information about my queries. My main concern is I need more and more information and Ilm about my Deen so I can prepare myself enough. I definitely wish to help myself and my family, my neighbours, my friends about Deen but only through Solid and correct information of Deen.

The Answer

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Allah Ta’ala says in the Quran;

“Say (O’ Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam) this is my way; I invite to Allah Ta’ala, I and whomsoever follows me”. (12:108)

It was the sacred duty of all the Ambiya (Alayhim As-Salatuwa Salam) to invite towards Allah Ta’ala and His commandments. Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam) was the final Rasul sent by Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala says;

“We have sent you (O’ Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam) as a mercy to the Alamin (Mankind, Gin and all that exists)”. (21:104)

Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam) was a mercy to mankind He invited people towards Allah Ta’ala and His commandments and practically demonstrated to them how to discharge the laws of Allah Ta’ala. Similarly, the Sahaba, Tabien and all those who came after them followed Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam) in inviting towards Allah Ta’ala and the Sunnah lifestyle of Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam).

In our times the jamat-tablig is continuing this and conveying the message of the Quran and sunnahs of Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam) in the entire universe. It is compulsory upon every Muslim to convey the message of the Quran in any Shariah compliant way and not specifically in the way of the jamat-tablig.

The name “jamat-tablig” is not the name of this work and it is wrong to assume that this is a separate sect in islam.

The initiator of tablig in this specific form Moulana Muhammad Ilyas (Ramatullahi Alayhi) [d.1944] is reported to have said; “If I had to give this work/movement a name I would have given it the name “The reviver of iman”. Ml. Muhammad Ilyas (Ramatullahi Alayhi) expressing his concern for the Ummat and the objectives of this work states;

· The example of Deen and Iman is liken to a rose plant [deen] whose stems, leaves and flowers have all died and has lost its value. However, when effort was made on its roots [iman] it again blossomed and was admired by all.

· The object of this work is to create zeal & thirst in the hearts of those who have no zeal & thirst for Deen and its practices. When this is created in them they will rush to the fountains of knowledge i.e. (to the Ulama, Madrasas and Khankas) to quench their thirst.

· The actual aim of this work is to teach the Ummat everything with which Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam) came with i.e. to get the Ummat attached a complete system of thought and practice of Islam.

· Zikr and Dua are the wheels and of this work.

(Words and Reflections of Ml. Muhammad Ilyas)

The work schedule of the jamat is as follows;

1. To go around meeting the Muslims for the upliftment of deen.

2. Acquiring deeni knowledge and devolving a constant habit of Zikrullah.

3. Correction of intention and working towards the devolvement of Ikhlas(sincerity of intention) and exercising ihtisab(to seek reward only from Allah) i.e. a concerted effort of keeping oneself under surveillance for purity.

The doings of the jamat are known to be Shariah compliant and the infinite good that has stemmed from its practices are universal. Millions of people globally have benefitted and are benefiting from its efforts. Its effort has rekindled the light of Iman in the hearts of the masses.

The obligation on every Muslim is to learn the regulations of his Deen in order to practice and propagate. Therefore, it is highly recommended that one joins this work for one’s own benefit and for the benefit of humanity. At the same time it is equally important to join any other institute of Deen in which there is “true benefit” for one’s self reformation and Iman.

Over and above all that was said, the work of dawat is and should be a means of self-reformation in fulfilling the rights of Allah Ta’ala and His servants.

Comments by prominent personalities

Graham E. Fuller, a former CIA official and an expert on Islam, (author of The Future of Political Islam) characterized Tablighi Jamaat as a "peaceful and apolitical preaching-to-the-people movement." Barbara Metcalf, a University of California scholar of South Asian Islam, called Tablighi Jamaat "an apolitical, quietist movement of internal grassroots missionary renewal" and compared its activities to the efforts to reshape individual lives by Alcoholics Anonymous.

Olivier Roy, a prominent authority on Islam at Paris's prestigious Centre National de la Recherche Sceintifique, described Tablighi Jamaat as "completely apolitical and law abiding."

Cllr Alan Craig, the Christian Choice candidate for Mayor of London complained after his Party Election Broadcast was censored by both the BBC and ITV. The broadcast initially referred to Tablighi Jamaat as "a separatist Islamic group", but the word separatist had to be replaced by "controversial" on the BBC and was removed entirely for broadcast on ITV. (Wikipedia)

Taken From Fatwa #  16979-


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  4. Yes alhamdulillah, the answer is satisfactory..adding to it the best way of understanding this group is to spend time with the thabligh jamath, if possible to plan your timings accordingly and giving three days ina jamath will give a clear picture as this is something that needs to be experienced by mind..

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