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Never Ending Conflict War Terror

There is a never ending conflict, a person does not need specific tools to begin one, if he so desires any tool available would suffice. The converse also applies, those who are intent on bringing about social harmony and peace would grab on to any means available for realization. Peace seems such a costly proposition that remains not just illusive but rare to the point of extinction. Yet peace remains the most beautiful thing humanity can ever hope to achieve. These days thoughts are preoccupied with this eternal quest, it may not be achieved but on the day when people are judged between those who had strove for peace and those who strove for conflict. I would like to stand with those who strove for peace than conflict. How can i not strive for peace, when am told to greet people with 'Peace', a directive from the divine. Three things seems to be important these days, ONE improving relationship between all communities across the globe, like haji Abdul Wa