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Ram Janm Bhumi - Babri Masjid

The verdict regarding the disputed site is finally declared. There was a huge amount of effluvium and resentment regarding one issue with the site, and the question which hurt both communities equally was 'Was a temple destroyed to build mosque at the disputed -Ram Janm Bhumi (Birth Place of Ram Lala a king who is worshiped by Hindus as Lord Ram) Babri Masjid site?' From the excerpts of the judgement and the study done by Geological Surve of india establishes two facts 1. A temple was not destroyed to build the babri masjid 2. The Masjid was built above the remains of a Temple which had been in Ruins even long before the masjid was built, and some remains of that Temple were used to build the Masjid. Link Indian Express ;   MathruBhumi News Let me congratulate my brothers and friends who wished to have a site of worship at the location and hope when we pray, from where ever we pray, we seek for all of us peace, unity and prosperity.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Photography Award

A picture of Sheikh Zayed's Masjid in Abudhabi has recieved the weekly best pic award from Digital Photography Review See rest of the entries in this slide show here

Genetically Modified Food

44,426 letters and all the calls to Sonia Gandhi had some impact on the Government. The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill did not make it to the Parliament. The bill in its current form plans to create an autocratic body to allow genetically modified (GM) food into our country. To take one more step towards safe food, Greenpeace has now launched the second edition of the Safe Food Guide. This guide ranks major food manufacturers on the basis of the stance they have taken on GM food. With the help of this guide you can check where the manufacturer of your favourite food brand stands on keeping food safe. The Safe Food Guide can be accessed online. Check out the Safe Food Guide 2.0 to see where your favourite food manufacturer stands. You can also SMS Food to 56070 to find out where its manufacturer ranks in the guide. The brand name will give you the most accurate result. The Safe Food Guide tries to make food manu