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Alternate Financial Model - stability and flexibility

At a time of almost unprecedented financial volatility a growing numbers of individuals and companies are now embracing alternate financial models (islamic in this case) which seem to provide better stability. The business model that exists today makes use of the common financial methodology, would they be able to take advantage of these alternate financial models? Looking from another perspective the enterprises that provide the common financial services, is their business model agile enough to provide an alternate business process to take advantage of these alternate financial models? One of my friends asked me “So how is it going to affect us and our economy”, I said “Not much until we take advantage of it”.

The State of My Country

Read about the thoughts of Arundhati Roy .

Darkness to Light

Days have past, the same sun rises every day but the days have got darker. Emission has increased even furthering global warming; the effluvium of hate, indifference and retribution is more profound. Ozone layer is depleting more harmful radiation invariably entering the atmosphere, there is definite damage done but more damage has been inflicted on humanity by the rays of scorn, mistrust and contempt. Long time ago in a place not so far away the dying father would advice his son “carry on the battle with so and so tribe, as three generations before they had killed one of our family” and to even such an extend that “their camel ate from our plantations without our permission”. But then things changed for good, the warring tribes began to realize the value of humanity, the world as a place for test for excellence in attributes, that killing a single person is equivalent to killing the entire humanity, and there is a single chance to prove you worthy for this world and the hereafter. The