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Return From Medinah

It was time before Maghrib, Uppa much unlike himself asked to get Pepsi, he has never ever asked me to buy the drink as long as time in memorial. The shop did not sell Pepsi, they sold an alternative, it was not befitting to return empty handed. I turned towards the green Qubbah of the Prophet SAWS, a sense of parting with the most precious man ever walked on face of the earth and his companions began to form in my heart. As if i had been in a garden of fragrant and beautiful flowers and it was time to leave. The payment for the purchase completed mechanically, and started walking back. It is true that a believer's love for the Prophet SAWS draws him to Medina, this love is incomplete without loving the purpose and message of the dweller of the green Qubbah. I walked slowly with reverence, respect and love for my habeeb SAWS, feeling the presence of the leader of the prophets. It was time to take an account of my visit in the city of enlightenment, what does Medina symbolize