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A Traveler, Nationality, Corruption

A Traveler  The world was flat, even before the 'World is Flat' was written, for the traveler world was and has been always flat and it would be for ever so until he/she were to come back home. Every being born is an initiate and is provided ample reasons to embark on a journey, each journey is distinct, each has its own path. The journey reaches its destination as soon as the traveler realizes the destination is the journey.  When the journey stops, destination becomes vague, traveler is lost, destination becomes like an elusive mirage unsure even of the existence of the imaginary, that at least should have an presence in mind. Human beings were created imperfect, for a reason. Longing for ever elusive aspects like eternal life, eternal health, relief from pangs of hunger of thirst, makes the imperfection evident. The destination for certain is perfection and the journey chosen for mankind is the pursuit of perfection. The moment one concludes that perfection is attained