A Traveler, Nationality, Corruption

A Traveler 
The world was flat, even before the 'World is Flat' was written, for the traveler world was and has been always flat and it would be for ever so until he/she were to come back home. Every being born is an initiate and is provided ample reasons to embark on a journey, each journey is distinct, each has its own path. The journey reaches its destination as soon as the traveler realizes the destination is the journey. 

When the journey stops, destination becomes vague, traveler is lost, destination becomes like an elusive mirage unsure even of the existence of the imaginary, that at least should have an presence in mind.

Human beings were created imperfect, for a reason. Longing for ever elusive aspects like eternal life, eternal health, relief from pangs of hunger of thirst, makes the imperfection evident. The destination for certain is perfection and the journey chosen for mankind is the pursuit of perfection. The moment one concludes that perfection is attained, the journey ends and perfection would remain elusive.

World was flat by design, every sane creation was given the right to pursuit for perfection, we owe it to the world to provide opportunities to embark on this journey and we owe it to our self to partake.

Prophet said "Live life like a traveler", this is indicates that home is an elusive aspect of life, home is part of a perfection we seek within us. 
Can we ever be at home and not be aware of death could approach any time? 
Can we ever be at home and not be aware that health is transient? 
Can we ever be at home and not worry about our imperfections of need, greed, afflictions and worry? Can we ever be at home, immersed in happiness and yet remain oblivious that happiness is short lived?

Lets travel smart, travel light and realize the way to success is to be in pursuit of perfection, without binding oneself to an idea, location or baggage. Prophet said "Seek knowledge even if it be from China"

Be a good traveler, prophet said "One who is not thankful to the creations is not thankful to the creator", be good to all co passengers, the country where you hail from, the people who we even do not know paid for our education through the tax they pay, the people who you wouldn't recognize has shed their blood and life to protect and serve you, the country does not owe you anything but you owe a lot to your country, how do you plan to pay back? Would this not be part of your pursuit of perfection? Prophet said "Love for once nation is part of faith"
Nationality is a reminder to us about a population who we owe a lot.
What does this imply for our neighbors? our colleagues? our teachers? our friends? our family?

Include them in our journey as we seek perfection as we seek our home, they are not our home but they are the means for us to find us our home.

It is in one of hadeeth where prophet narrated our creator as saying"I have created everything with my command, but paradise i have created it with my own hand". Now lets not get into a controversy of how the hand of creator looks like, we understand when our mother says "Ive told the cook to prepare for you, but this sweet i made it with my own hands for you". It shows the sincere longing of mother for the kid to have the special sweet she has made herself.

Our home is Paradise, where we would attain perfection, this world is platform for our journey.

Corruption is a signboard that reflects back at us and it says 'You have lost your way', perhaps legal controls and institutions like lokpal might help from being a victim of corruption and keep it under check, we owe it to us that every one has equal opportunities to undertake the journey in pursuit of perfection. This is what we are missing from our life today, lokpal is designed to punish the corrupt. What Ramadan teaches it is not the fear of punishment that kept us away from food, it is not fear of chastisement that made us leave the comforts of bed, but it was an inner longing to seek piety and seek perfection.

Ramadan brings us hope that mankind has the capability to undertake such a journey cutting across financial strata, regions, races, continents or nationality.

Lets pray that the entire humanity benefit from the fruits of Ramadan as our creator wants it to be - Ameen


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