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Random Images

There are images that inspire thought, imagination, or kindle good memories or sad ones. The first image is perhaps a bit peculiar, ive never seen a tap cared for so much So here it is image one ... Second Image is that one that brings back good memories ....

Galaxy Tab DocumentsToGo or QuickOffice

If productivity is one of the reasons behind buying a tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab, then there is reason enough to buy an office suite too. What is the best office suite for the android tablet? i am not going to answer this question specifically. Here the discussion is about an app that helps to perform day to day activities. There is an office application that comes along with the tab, that is free. Let us stop that discussion right there :) I was looking for a 'portable microsoft word' found two of them was mentioned in a website review (QuickOffice), the other was an app demo running on blackberry(Documents To Go). Now the rule of the thumb is, Buy something that is compatible or improves what you are already doing . So with this in mind, i installed QuickOffice and Documents To Go, let me first walk through the QuickOffice experience Smooth installation from Android Market, and then the visual delight of an interface, the icons look very cool. Now like