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Appraisal – For Khalid (ra) by Umar (ra)

The seventy long years hasn’t stolen much of the memories from his life, reclining on an easy chair sipping a warm tea, watching the greenery around, breathing the fresh air and occasionally the steam from the tea cup, the aroma of freshness, the calm surroundings only interrupted by flutter of birds wings when they land on the courtyard. He had seen ups and downs, turbulences, turmoil’s, turn of fortunes, victories and victors, failures and losers, achievements and mishaps, some one who has seen and been through it all. He goes back in time to days as a professional, the days he was promoted and the reminders of the excitement brings to his lips a silent voluntarily smile, he recollects the day when some one else was promoted whom he considered as worthless, instead of a resentment what appears in his face is an expression of gratitude. Fueled by an event which happened later on where this promoted colleague helped him in difficult circumstances, although not all of such experiences w

developerWorks Contest, Monthly Prizes

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99 Names Of Allah

99 names of Allah - Transliteration & Translation

The Sky and Adimali(Near Munnar)

The blue sky, does not need repainting ... ever !!!. Which 3d - graphic tool did our creator use to simulate this, and then render it? Bend it like Who ? Adimali is around 20 km short of Munnar from Kochi, usually people stop their for food on the way to munnar. Usually the time taken to drive from kochi to adimali is around 2.5 to 3hrs, but alhamdulillah we made it in 2 hours including a tea break.