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conglomerate of emptiness

Its been quite some time, It is not easy these days to spare few moments to write something, It doesn’t feel well to be taking the reader’s time for matters of great insignificance … Even Still ... its just an insistence .. read on ... An artist’s random splash at the canvas leads to masterpieces, My novice meticulous attempt at work of art leaves a lingering sensation, insipid , Some things, never leave, you can’t let go, some traits they never leave … Futile grievance on circumstances, of what effect, your traits they never leave … Not even a silent step for redemption and loneliness devoid of tears of repentance... For then how could it be justified, your claims, your complaints a conglomerate of emptiness … Reflect, Realize, and Recover, for my reasons for insanity relinquished, an obdurate surrender, Light alone does not sufficeth for enlightenment is blessing delivered.. Guide Me, Bless Me, For what ever you provide am in dire need ...  ربي اني ل