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What's New With IBM BPM

To find out what's new with IBM BPM here it the place to look for IBM BPM CHAT

Bicycling to office - Hercules Ryders

Now more than 7 months into bicycling office, am seeing growing interest in folks who wants to ride to office, indeed a better choice for health, wealth and environment. Just recently saw a guy coming to EGL with full bicycle gear, good going bro!!!. Now an official parking slot for bicycle is coming up, (yet to be announced from the concerned people officially, since at-least a year). More than twenty plus now ride to office and that number would hopefully keep growing. I am very much satisfied with my bicycle, Hercules Ryders, its been a worty investment. Plus I sold my Fiero bike and don’t feel the need of it :). <-Milestones-> Riding to Manyata and back (10 km in half an hour, how long does it take for you in car :)? ) Riding in the rain wearing rain coat (realizing a dream)

Formatting a Datapower

The datapower box that our team owns is like rented a technology showroom, where different teams request access to the box and we make domains for them where they play with the box and then finally produce something that they would like to show to customers/partners. From the last one year this showroom has seen various technical scenarios being displayed, the shelves within the showroom filled with artifacts one by one. Till on fine day we decided to clean not just the shelf but the entire showroom. In reality its not easy to clean the showroom without cleaning the shelf, but this is IBM ;), we can clean the shelf and the showroom at one go. For this login to box via CLI or the serial cable, go to CO mode then flash mode and then run the command ‘reinit firmware_name’ (the firmware should be uploaded to the box prior to doing this). Once the box is back after a reboot, the box is just like fresh from factory, you would have to login using the factory set username and password and acc

WTC - 2008

WTC memories of sessions delivered including SOA Governance, ‘What’s new with DataPower’, ‘MQ DataPower lab’ with and helping with ‘DataPower – WTX’ lab. SOA Governance sessions popped up interesting discussions, from technology, organization culture, organizational structuring, governance for an organization with spaghetti like structure, COE etc. DataPower received admiration from its ease of use and wire speed processing. WTC also provided participants chances to take a shot at certifications for free, so my self and Aru (Arumugam Maruthanayagam ) went to a partner to give a boost to the test takers and how to plan for certifications. A reason to hope that the team would do well, WTC went well, and at the last day the team lead and my self had a chat, he was very happy with the outcome with each person taking up multiple certifications. Then there were prizes for those who had maximum marks for certification done on a day. Pleased I was to see one of my favorite folks from that team