WTC - 2008

WTC memories of sessions delivered including SOA Governance, ‘What’s new with DataPower’, ‘MQ DataPower lab’ with and helping with ‘DataPower – WTX’ lab.

SOA Governance sessions popped up interesting discussions, from technology, organization culture, organizational structuring, governance for an organization with spaghetti like structure, COE etc.

DataPower received admiration from its ease of use and wire speed processing.

WTC also provided participants chances to take a shot at certifications for free, so my self and Aru (Arumugam Maruthanayagam ) went to a partner to give a boost to the test takers and how to plan for certifications. A reason to hope that the team would do well, WTC went well, and at the last day the team lead and my self had a chat, he was very happy with the outcome with each person taking up multiple certifications. Then there were prizes for those who had maximum marks for certification done on a day. Pleased I was to see one of my favorite folks from that team getting the prize.

The information exchange and knowledge imparted was so huge that participants who had to choose between certification and attending a session had to make tough choices. So! One recommendation for next year is separate time slot for certifications.


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