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Applying Knowledge and Guidence

Content & Context Life by design is dynamic, no two moments in time are identical, a group of people may share the same event at the same time and yet each of their individual experiences would be different. Imagine a rose that grows and spreads its radiance despite the surroundings speaks volumes of its character than a flower nurtured and grown in the best of garden. The sight of the rose and its interpretation varies with individual, each develops a unique image, goes through a unique experience. This is the context of our life, within this context Imagine, a person advising his friend on how to make friends, having known his friend well enough who is kind and nice, the content has personal touch, customized to the understanding and practical  enough so that his friend can apply. The content would be different for another friend of the same person, who is a tough guy and with a few rough edges, the approach would differ. The basic idea is to take his friend from point