Applying Knowledge and Guidence

Content & Context
Life by design is dynamic, no two moments in time are identical, a group of people may share the same event at the same time and yet each of their individual experiences would be different.
Imagine a rose that grows and spreads its radiance despite the surroundings speaks volumes of its character than a flower nurtured and grown in the best of garden.
The sight of the rose and its interpretation varies with individual, each develops a unique image, goes through a unique experience.
This is the context of our life, within this context Imagine, a person advising his friend on how to make friends, having known his friend well enough who is kind and nice, the content has personal touch, customized to the understanding and practical  enough so that his friend can apply. The content would be different for another friend of the same person, who is a tough guy and with a few rough edges, the approach would differ.
The basic idea is to take his friend from point A to point B, so as to improve the person. Point A and Point B would be different for the two, completely different in fact.
Now let’s take it a bit more further, the person is talking to both his friends at the same time on the same topic, imagine the challenge, imagine the content, imagine the approach.
Now assume the person delivering the same content at a local club consisting of 25 members, the club located in let’s say Kanpur/India, another in event on same topic delivered in same language but in a high society club of 3000 members located in lest say Chennai/India( Different Language, Different culture ), lets extend it further the same topic delivered in same language in Muscat/Oman ( Different Language, Different Culture, Different social setup), how about if this was in China? Europe?.
Let’s take it to the extreme, making a youtube video on how to make friends for a world audience.
The content would grow in its generality, so as to ensure each individual identifies his own point A and then move forward to  point B.
Let’s keep this aspect at the back of our minds and proceed a bit further.

The Outlook
2/3rd of the world is water, but we make a decent living on the 1/3rd and try to make the best out of the 2/3rd in the best way we can. The key is that we should be alive to make a living, dead man can’t, will come back to this point later on, let’s go further.
World has seen its own share of Peace, Growth, Prosperity, Calamities, Famine, Wars, death of innocent people, Justice/Injustice, Kindness/Cruelty…
Just like the Goodness in the world stands out, the badness too gets noticed, as an observer the experience of them both generates different interpretations, images and conclusions.
The same event evokes different feelings and perceptions in the instance of war, are friends/foes, martyrs/killed enemy’s, in the end all are human beings and their only merit being on a particular side, to top it we are a society who honors ‘our war heroes’.
On the one side Humanitarian acts are admired and recognized on the other side they are brushed aside as acts with ‘vested interests’.
At this juncture, humanity still struggle to define absolute goodness or absolute badness, still there is perceptions and to one each his own.
Education And Guidance
Education is considered mandatory, even the simplest of schools have a curriculum, text and teachers, ever wondered why we need education? Have we fallen prey to the precarious state of ‘taking things for granted’
The life is of infinite colors as the creations themselves’ Would not the creator of this vast universe, leave us to deal with life without a text and a guide who lived through all the scenarios one has to live through, understand, interpret and take decisions.
…and make sure the text and the guidelines are preserved…
A guide who can relate to, a person, a leader, a father, a grandfather, a husband, a friend, a ruler, a warrior … and a midst all this roles be the merciful to the universe and deliver the message, challenging isn’t it?. Imagine that rose we discussed before, a rose of character …
To take bits and pieces of his life to draw on specific facets, and then judge his whole life defies logic, let one study his whole life, all of it, all aspects, expand and enrich your perceptions, To each his own.
Are we Living?
That said, are we in fact living or are we just passing time till we draw our last breath? How often are we reminded of the purpose of our existence? How much effort have we taken to meet that purpose? How broad have we expanded our horizons in understanding and seeking goodness and excellence and the breadth of badness and keeping our self away from it?
The overarching aspect of the prophet life was to deliver the message that we are accountable /answerable to our creator who sent us here and how to excel in that final test.
No matter who you are or what role you play in life his message is generic enough to take you from A to B in making you a better person and in specific improve and enrich you individually.
Being Guided
What makes a difference between the rightly guided and others is how one gathers relevant information regarding the situation refers it back with the message, as you refer back you learn how to rely and resort to the creator of the universe, seek his assistance and deliver with excellence. This enriches you as a person, as it involves learning, applying what you have learned but the most important aspect, in the process, building a bond with the person who cares about you and loves you the most, your creator.


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