The Chicken Story- Shawai, Tanduri, BBQ or What?

Thursday afternoon is for friends and family to gather and spend some quality time together; cousins in Dubai get together every Thursday with accessories like coal, grill marinated chicken and kubboos. It is like a celebration with jokes, pokes, fun and barbeque, but first is to find a right place in the desert to settle down.

First step is to get fire up coal, that requires skill and patience, next is to place the marinated chicken on the grill. There is no cooking oil used (zero cholesterol) and the chicken cooks in its own oil, each pieces are moved/turned so that the cooking is regular.

Alas! The pleasure of sumptuous food. (made at home)

Once the chicken is ready everything else is forgotten it’s just chicken and us,
The name of the dish was of course a debate, Shawai, Tandoori or BBQ finally we decided to call it ‘chutta kozhi’.

Recipe – Chicken marinated in Secret Ingredients for at-least 4 hours.

Secrete ingredients:-
Lemon/Curd, Mint, Cilantro, chilly powder, tamarind powder, garlic-ginger paste.

food is brought - Allahumma barik-lana feema razaqathana waqina adabannaar(o allah i ask of you to bless with barakath in what you have provided and save us from punishment of the Fire)
Before food - Bismillahi wa -ala barakathillah (In the name of Allah and on barakath from allah)
During food - Allahumma lakal hamdu wa laka shukur (O allah to you is praise and to you i am thankful)
After food - Alhamdulillahillathee, atha-amanee, wa saqaani wa ja-alani minal muslimeen.(All praise to Allah who has fed me, made me drink, and made me among those who obey him)


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