Political Welfare for Humanity in Islam– War or Peace

The notion people have about Islam is that it advocates dar-ul harb (land of war) or dar-ul-islam(land of islam), in short they feel that its either Islam or War. To this end Darul Uloom one of the prominent Islamic schools has provided clarification.

“There is no question to call it Dar ul Harb. It is Dar ul Amn(land of peace). So long as Indian Muslims enjoy protection according to Indian Constitution, they are bound to serve their motherland. We are patriotic Muslims and shall ever remain so according to the Indian Constitution...According to Indian Muslims, India is their motherland. They have been prepared and are still being prepared to serve their country in all possible constructive manners"

He added: “Indian Muslims honour from the core of their heart the Indian Constitution and believe in it heart and soul." On February 25 last year, in a fatwa in Deoband — the first such to be issued by any Islamic organization in the world — the Dar ul Uloom declared terrorism un-Islamic.

This article would be followed up with importance of such treaties and historical events citing the same taking example of Islamic history and case studies, bi idnillah.


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