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Appeal For Peace

I have some requests 1. Keep away from being instigated by any one to upset peace, spread mistrust and doubt. 2. What ever is happening with some IT professionals now is to reflect on our youth and prevent them being misguided from providing peace and prosperity for the whole mankind. 3. Some one may not be treating you in a not so good manner, you may be oppressed but be patient and do an activity that promotes peace not the ones that upset peace. 4. Let any one accuse you put you to trouble as long as you are clean all will end well. And Stay clean 5. Carefully choose your circle of friends, do not entertain calls from unknown numbers or people and do not call them back. 6. Trust your friends and correct them if they are wrong also be open to correct if you are wrong. 7. No religion in this world teaches violence as all the religions ultimately came from our creator. 8. Trust news that is clear, do not give in to speculation and stereo typing not all humans beings are bad. 9. Do not

Sura Yaseen- Amazing Recitation- MP3

"Every thing has a heart and Sura Yaseen is the heart of the quraan, I wish Sura Yaseen to be in the heart of every Mumin" (hadeeth) Download the mp3 from below

Mentor's Guide

When ever there used to be an interview or a test for a job opening for any of his children (younger brother, younger sister and I) Uppa used to say "If they are worthy enough to benefit from your services, Allah will give them the chance of letting you serve for them". Does this statement reflect pride? On the first read it might look like it until you delve into the deeper aspects of it, lets explore.               Each individual is blessed with capabilities and skills which are given to them and given to no one else. Consider an employer who is looking for some one with a type of skill, x-skill.   You might be that person who is having that x-skill, what if you are not aware of it? What if the employer is not aware of how to identify a person with x-skill after all he is not the creator who give skills to an aspirant. So if the employer is lucky enough, he would be able to identify the x-skill holder and take use of his services. In such an ideal case every one wins.

Send Free SMS - Anywhere In India

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IBM developerWorks Inda Page

The developerWorks India page is the place to look for technical content, events and offers by IBM for its Indian audience. Here's where you connect with technical experts from India. IBM developerWorks India

Misconceptions of some inmates, incident #6

Most Muslim inmates in tihar had misconceptions regarding definition and understanding of some Arabic terms and their implications, much to the discomfort of Shaji and myself. Having spent some time with them, for prayers and also some shared our own dormitory. Shaji and I were quite disturbed at these notions, we decided that we have try and set things straight. So it was decided that we would discuss the topics that would clear the confusion after a congressional prayer. After finishing a Asar prayer, we asked if we could discuss some things which are important in Islam and every one agreed. So I asked “Who is a Kafir?”, answers came from left and right. “Those who do not believe in Allah” “Non - Muslims” We replied in the negative and then explained who is Kafir, “Kafir is a person who is convinced from within his heart that Islam is from our creator and there is only one god(Allah) and he is the creator and yet do not follow the commands of creator but follow his own whims and fanc