Appeal For Peace

I have some requests

1. Keep away from being instigated by any one to upset peace, spread mistrust and doubt.
2. What ever is happening with some IT professionals now is to reflect on our youth and prevent them being misguided from providing peace and prosperity for the whole mankind.
3. Some one may not be treating you in a not so good manner, you may be oppressed but be patient and do an activity that promotes peace not the ones that upset peace.
4. Let any one accuse you put you to trouble as long as you are clean all will end well. And Stay clean
5. Carefully choose your circle of friends, do not entertain calls from unknown numbers or people and do not call them back.
6. Trust your friends and correct them if they are wrong also be open to correct if you are wrong.
7. No religion in this world teaches violence as all the religions ultimately came from our creator.
8. Trust news that is clear, do not give in to speculation and stereo typing not all humans beings are bad.
9. Do not visit websites that promote hatred and violence.
10. Inculcate a habit within us and the youth to discuss with elders on every major step that you plan to take that helps to foresee consequences of your actions.

Some people asked me should we not do something about this situation, as you also have been through such a situation. I replied if you are meaning ‘we’ to be ‘muslims’ let me humbly say that what ever happens is from our creator and when we do good deeds he will decide good things for us. Lets all reflect on what we all are doing for peace, this is a small world and a flat world every one could use a little bit of peace, love, care and trust.


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