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What Muslim Should Do

From the onset of human civilization one thing we are good at is the drive for continues development for improving living conditions, tools, means. We have come a long way, what was once un imaginable is an everyday reality be it communications, transportation, computing, harnessing energy, complex political social and economic systems. The tools and means that were used 2000 years ago are different from tools and means we use today, our existence in this world has been quite long. An individual may live for a hundred years, but the life of humanity is much longer, an individual learns as he grows and he imparts that experience into the continuum. What have we learned over the span of thousands of years? What made us better? What made us worse? What made us valuable? What was it that we understood as our purpose? What has happened for humanity that was for its good? What has happened for humanity that was self-destructive? These questions refer to the past, history has taught us t