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Thanking Readers

Dear Readers Thanks for showing interest to contribute to the blog, your support and prayers are most valuable. We are honored with your interest to add content to the website, you can use this post to provide a brief info regarding yourself and the topics you would like to contribute to the blog. The blog gets on an average 1000 pageviews, 700 unique visitors across the globe and 100+ returning visitors and growing Alhamdulillah. This would provide an opportunity to express your thoughts, learnings and share experiences. You would keep the ownership of the content you publish. The website which was earlier on started by muhammed yaseen is now home to a number of interested authors willing and wishing to contribute. Thank you All and Welcome.

Chennai Cyclothon BSA Hereculese

After the amazing success of Bangalore Cyclothon, here comes the much awaited Chennai Cyclothon and here is why Join the Bike2Work facebook group NOW   History is a witness to what actually Marathon was and we are a witness to what it is Today The Cycling Revolution   "BSA Hercules Chennai Cyclothon 2010 - Healthy You, Healthy Planet"   is an initiative of  "Children of the World India" and "Percept D' Mark"  for making lives healthier and a pollution free environment for the coming generations.  Very Much the cause We all care about 

Solar Eclipse 2010

The biggest solar eclipse of the century, the sun had different moods today turning from crescent to the fiery ring, solar eclipse of 2010 For a change we took a different view, of its reflections and its shadows. Suresh's Mural, as he captured the eclipse reflection on to the wall. Eclipse forms patterns on the road. Nope It is not a million dollar special effect It is a poem by the eclipsed sun by its rays seeping through the leaves making way into the shade.

The Burqa Ban

"It is important for western countries to avoid impeding Muslim citizen from practicing religion as they see fit, for example by dictating what clothes a Muslim women should wear. We can’t disguise hostility towards any religion behind the pretense of liberalism. " -Barack Obama Assume Mr X's belongs to religion A, and Z's belong to religion B. with this in mind consider the following scenarios and their corresponding verdicts (of a liberal free thinker ;) ) I - One Z1 after learning about Religion B understands the the etiquette of dressing and follows it. Verdict :: OK FINE II - One Z2 forces Z1 on a dress code which Z1 does not like to adhere to.   Verdict :: Mr Z2, THATS NOT OK III - One X1 forces Z1 on a dress code which Z1 does not like to adhere to even after knowing that Z1 would be forced to break the religious code Z1 believes in, Verdict :: Mr X1- NOT OK + NOT OK (reason being one Z1 is being forced to wear something Z1 does not like plus X1 fo

Sabarimala Pilgrims Road Accident Kerala

A lorry carrying 40 Sabarimala pilgrims from Andhra Pradesh ->Vijayavada ->Nandigram ->Anasagaram village met with an accident at Erumeli>Kanamala, 11 people lost their lives 12 injured most of whom are in a critical condition. The shocking incident happened tuesday night at 8, the pilgrims of Sabarimala uniformly dressed in simple black dresses are revered as guests and seekers of spirituality. Such accidents cause a sense of hurt as if a guest at our own home is hurt. Necessary steps should be taken to ensure the safety of the pilgrims, the pilgrims were trapped and suffocated under sand bags and sand filling in the lorry which used as a seating arrangement as the lorry toppled while negotiating a curve. Prasadu(24), Sivakrishna(20), Sivakrishna(19), Thirumal Rao(20), Raghava Rao(25), Ramesh(25), Veshu Babu(25), Chindu(24), Sivaramakrishna(18), Krishna(20), Hari Nellamkudi(30) lost their lives. Injured: - Nageshwari Amma(60), Bhupathi(45), Samba(30), Srinvasan(35)

Work In Progress

Ready By Jan 10th 2011 Insha Allah

Kochi Smart City - Status

As On 01 Jan 2010: 1.What TECOM wants - 239 acres of land out of Which 12% should be on Independent Ownership. 2.What Kerala Govt Wants - TECOM should provide a written agreement that says they will not sell the 12% land. GOV has agreed to clause 1, TECOM has agreed to clause 2. Hurdles 'Communication Issues', in the last two years there has been multiple changes of government representatives(total 5). The project is expected to provide 90,000 jobs in 10 years

Stock Exchange Shares- Halaal or Haraam?

In a debate on the permissibility of trading in Shares. Which has a direct impact on the permissibility of investing in Oasis Equity Fund, Futuregrowth AlBarakah Equity Fund and Fraters Equity Fund. The main players are Mufti Ashraf Saheb of Springs (referred to as MA), and Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb of Daarul Iftaa, Camperdown (referred to as DI). The issues will explain themselves and unfold as you read through the various correspondences. To assist the reader, the editor has taken the liberty to insert notes in {brackets}. Admittedly, some sections are boring and repetitive. The major thrust of the discussion climaxes towards the end, after much tedious reading. Although the discussion is lengthy, wealth is a trust in your hands and you have a responsibility to earn it from and spend it in only Halaal avenues. In order to do this, you need to educate and empower yourself. This debate will make you informed. Realising that some readers would not have the time or interest in peru

Train Accident India UP

Ten people were killed and 39 injured, 15 of them seriously, in three accidents involving five passenger trains in Uttar Pradesh amid dense fog and near zero visibility conditions early on Saturday. Bhiwani-Gorakhpur Gorakhdham Express hit the stationary Prayagraj Express at Panki railway station in Kanpur district and the Bihar-bound Delhi-Sitamarhi Licchavi Express rammed into the stationary Magadh Express at Sarai Bhopat near Etawah at around 8:00 a.m Two control rooms set up at Allahabad and Kanpur can be reached at 05322-408149, 05322-287353 and 05124-2323015/16/18. When a single person leaves this world and you are one of them who visits to pay homage at the departed house. The silence speaks volumes of what has been lost for those who present themselves at the occasion. 10 people is more than ten people, as Quraan says if you kill a person its like you are killing the whole of mankind.  The world is getting flatter too. Around 250 people die in India every day because