Train Accident India UP

Ten people were killed and 39 injured, 15 of them seriously, in three accidents involving five passenger trains in Uttar Pradesh amid dense fog and near zero visibility conditions early on Saturday.

Bhiwani-Gorakhpur Gorakhdham Express hit the stationary Prayagraj Express at Panki railway station in Kanpur district and the Bihar-bound Delhi-Sitamarhi Licchavi Express rammed into the stationary Magadh Express at Sarai Bhopat near Etawah at around 8:00 a.m

Two control rooms set up at Allahabad and Kanpur can be reached at 05322-408149, 05322-287353 and 05124-2323015/16/18.

When a single person leaves this world and you are one of them who visits to pay homage at the departed house. The silence speaks volumes of what has been lost for those who present themselves at the occasion.

10 people is more than ten people, as Quraan says if you kill a person its like you are killing the whole of mankind.  The world is getting flatter too.

Around 250 people die in India every day because of accidents; compare it to hearing the news of plane crash every day without any survivors.  Exactly the same.

Imagine the amount of money being spent for military/para military/security purposes. If a small amount of that could be invested into providing a safer infrastructure, like
1. GPS based real-time transport security system
2. Remote automotive security system with safety systems override
3. Streamlined Transport and transport mediums
4. Automated Traffic pattern alerts from Horizon scanning

The solution might need, locations, infrastructures and investments, if one were to keep things in context regarding all the risks that affects a person’s life, this is one solution worth considering.


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