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Allah's Reply For Fatiha Recitation

The Surah Fatiha is recited by every muslim at the least 17 times a day, it is an integral part of the obligatory or non obligatory prayers. The Surah fatiha can be recited on its own outside the prayers or within the prayer as its integral part. White marbles on its own has its charm, but a white marble placed on the Taj Mahal has a distinctive charm and value. There is a story that goes in to Taj Mahal, of unending love. Each marble within the structure personifies and highlights that love embodied within the monument. The Prayer is a means for the lover and seeker of Allah to talk to him exclusively in privacy and in seclusion. When the time for the prayer is near, the seeker and lover of Allah turns towards the prayer, his means to have intimate conversation with the lover he seeks. Outside his prayers he sees the beautiful creations of Allah, all varied. He sees through his creations how Allah takes care of him, provides him thoughts, vision, hearing, compassion, empath