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Mother, Father and Work : Covid -19

Business ... as usual "What do these guys really do?", " arent these folks the ones good with drawing boxes?". Early meetings that the Enterprise Architecture team was part of, were riddled with unclear expectations, and pre-conceived notions, which meant the value that we deliver isn't communicated, and hence the critical collaboration and support needed from dependent stakeholders would fail to materialize. Management was concerned, the team was worried, there were some frustrations, in scientific terms  ... not good. EA Practice was extensively utilized for developing the Digital Transformation Strategy, and it's been set as one of the governing factors to ensure the success of the strategy. Even though that being the case, not all of our key stakeholders were sure as to what the newly setup department would do, and what we should best do to deliver value for stakeholders. Thus the EA executive survey was formulated, as to what EA can offer, and what our