Return From Medinah

It was time before Maghrib, Uppa much unlike himself asked to get Pepsi, he has never ever asked me to buy the drink as long as time in memorial. The shop did not sell Pepsi, they sold an alternative, it was not befitting to return empty handed.

I turned towards the green Qubbah of the Prophet SAWS, a sense of parting with the most precious man ever walked on face of the earth and his companions began to form in my heart. As if i had been in a garden of fragrant and beautiful flowers and it was time to leave. The payment for the purchase completed mechanically, and started walking back.

It is true that a believer's love for the Prophet SAWS draws him to Medina, this love is incomplete without loving the purpose and message of the dweller of the green Qubbah. I walked slowly with reverence, respect and love for my habeeb SAWS, feeling the presence of the leader of the prophets.

It was time to take an account of my visit in the city of enlightenment, what does Medina symbolize? What does the green Qubbah symbolize?

It brought to memory a conversation of the prophet with Arch Angel Gibreel AS, establishing the value of Deen to be more dear to Allah than the beloved prophet SAWS. Deen is the criteria for a persons success in this world and the hereafter. Our beloved prophet struggled in all means possible for the deliverance of humanity.

 I looked at the abode of the prophet again, my heart said "it talks to you about the relentless efforts of beloved prophet, it talks to you about his strong desire to see mankind be successful, it talks to you about your purpose of life and a noble man who did all in his power to make you see the light"

Its been more than thousand years, that light is still evident in the city of the prophet.

It was the night of return and comfortably sitting in the seat, i saw a person rushing into the bus, he was not in a good mood, and was kind of agitated and frustrated to say the least.

After a few moments an official from the transport corporation got in, and started the following conversation, it was in arabic, and it went something like this

The Official :-"I ask you with respect, please get down from the bus, the ticket you have is not for this bus"
Traveller : "No I CANT. i have the tickets and its not my fault"
The Official :- "I know you have the tickets, but it is not the right ticket for this bus"
Traveller : "No That is not my problem"
The Official :" I ask you again with respect, please get down"

While this was happening another senior official was also in the bus, he did not intervene at first, but seeing the traveler very adamant he stepped in. What transpired after that amazes me even to this day, my heart fills with gratitude towards the prophet and the love for him.

The senior official pointed his finger at the agitated traveler, and said
"Sallu 3alannaby" ( send blessings on the prophet )

There was silence for 3-4 seconds, the state of the agitated traveler changed as if he fell into a realization, he and the officials said together

"Allhumma salli 3la Muhammed wa 3la aali Muhammed" ( O Allah send blessings upon the prophet and his family )

The senior official then said "If you  have any problem please speak to the manager at his office, you don't have the ticket to travel in this bus"

The traveller took his bag and got down from the bus, and while he got down he kept saying

"Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah" (Allah forgive me, Allah forgive me, Allah forgive me )


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