This World and the Next

The main feature of this world is inequality of providence but equality of freedom to choose your path, consider the following equation

A + B = C + D.

Mathematically speaking we can say that sum of C and D is equal in value to the sum of A and B. We humans in order to keep our numbers right devised this mechanism of numbers. So we very well know what is 3 and 4, four is bigger and better than 3, money with four digits can get you more things (more trouble also, he he), but 3 problems are better than 4 similar problems. It is obvious that this world has been created by some one, our creator, I call him Allah.

“He who has learned about his body has learned about his lord”

We read a book by Harun Yahya, “Fact of creation”; in it is the story of sperm. Sperm is a delivery mechanism with a motor, a shield, and payload which has to deliver the payload to its destination. After continues tests in wind tunnels and test launches a rocket sets of with its payload to the orbit with a satellite. But in case of sperm there is no test run, it runs in alien environment to deliver its payload. So the obvious question was how it could possibly complete its mission unless there was a complete plan by the creator who knows what is to run where, in which condition and what has to be delivered and in what quantity.

Only our creator know the exact measure of things, why is it so, he knows us like we know numerals. But we don’t know exact measure; we don’t know our own exact value let alone others. We do not know the value of compassion we don’t know how bad is the emotion called hate. But our creator knows value of each movement, thought, emotion, and deed; hence he is the best judge.

This world is not to provide absolute justice or a place to remunerate our deeds but for test, Why? The answer is here we don’t have any choice of whom to be, we are born with a provided set of assets. Like we are born to a parent who may be rich/poor/black/white/smart/dumb/ … and born in a place India/Somalia/Antarctica/Africa … or whether we would be born as male or as female it’s not our choice but we are sent by our creator to a situation where we have to live. Like every test we are given a short duration, assorted assets and a location. If all our deeds have to be rewarded here itself then what reward can be given to a person who becomes a savior of lives?, what punishment can be given to a person who has murdered thousands of people?, what punishment/reward can be given to person who is dead and gone but his books and his activities continues to influence people to do things. So many questions all of the answers untold unless our creator tells us what the answers are.

For this our creator chose a set of people and trained them specially and made them living standards, and made them the means to send his message to the general people. He gave them proofs that people could recognize as the messenger is indeed from creator. For the last prophet Muhammed peace be upon him, the miracle is the Quraan, and his life itself.

So from those messengers that came it is clear that this place is a place for test, the results would be announced in a grand get together of all the man kind in a place where all the mankind could be assembled together after their death. To see and understand the total impact of their doings and to show them the true justice of our creator. For the righteous ones it is the day of end of all their troubles and beginning of a truly rewarding life, for others it’s a beginning of their troubles and justice.

Uniqueness of this test environment, it has the setup to make you think and wonder why I was sent to this world, it has every setup to understand the plan of our creator, it has a mechanism that would trigger events based on your deeds so that you can repent and change, it gives you numerous chances only till your death, you are given full freedom to choose the way you live.

I have made my choice after heeding to my creators messages, have you?, once you made the choice to follow then real test starts, the test of of your faith, tests of obeying his commands against your own wishes and under different circumstance. Expecting his forgivness for your shortcomings, and seeking his help all the way till the day you and me meet him. This way you will learn to love him, understand his help, understand what his true gifts and blessings are and what is his trial. And you develop in your heart care and respect for all his creations, and he helps you build those qualities which he likes to be in you. And you ultimately become a good human being.


Blind Belief Vs Belief in the un-seen.

Blind belief is believing things without validating its existence by a possible means, where as belief in the unseen is believing in things not seen by us but can be validated, for example electricity can be validated by the effect it makes, our soul when present we are alive when not present we are dead and both cant be seen by our eyes.


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