Message For Mankind From the Merciful of the Universe

Mumin(believer) is some one who loves and is loved, there is no good in a person who does not love and is not loved. The best among the humans is the one who is most beneficial to mankind

One day prophet came towards a gathering and asked “Do you want to know who the best among you is and who the worst among you is”, the gathering remained silent so prophet repeated the question three times. Then one Sahabi from the gathering said “ O the prophet of our creator kindly tell us who is the best and the worst amongst us”. Prophet said “The best among you is whom people expect good and feel secure that you would not harm them, the worst among you is the one whom they do not expect any good and they are always fearful regarding your evil”

The one who invites to something raising communal feelings is not among us, one who wages wars because of community is not among us, one who dies for community he is not among us.

The world community is used because of lack of another proper word, here the word community implies communally motivated, communally biased, communal centric etc.

One person asked the prophet ‘would loving ones own people count as being communal’. Prophet replied ‘loving ones own people is not communal but being communal is helping them despite they being oppressors’

One who is not thankful to people is not thankful to Allah.

What stand a Muslim should take about those things like below?.

Refrain from following the way of others in your matters, that you say ‘you will do good if they do good to you and harm them when they come about harming you’. But say that ‘you would do good if others do good to you and be firm on the matter that you would not harm them even if they harm you’.

- Ahadeeth [collection of hadeeth]

If you would like to know the narrators and the book drop me a comment.


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