Choosing a House

People have different conceptions regarding the place they would like to live in, comfort, lighting, ventilation, space, amenities, gadgets, neighborhood to name a few. There are four classes for an abode.

1. A bare house.
Intent:-A minimal structure where some one can live in, an example is the picture given below.

2. A comfortable house
Intent:-A house of strong construction with lighting, fan, air conditioning etc. provides the person with comfort.

3. A Luxurious house
Intent:-Is a house with all of the above, the distinguishing factor here is ‘the look/feel good factor’ where the resident looking at the house feels happiness in the heart

All the above forms of abode are permissible and within the pleasure of our creator, now you would be wondering what the 4th class is?

4. The Other House
A house that is built with the purpose of show off, to create in minds of people an image of affluence and superiority such a house is reason for displeasure of our creator.

With this as the basic criteria let’s move forward, a house is not just of individual but for a family. The head of the family has to look into live-able, comfortable, ‘look/feel good’ requirements for each of the members of the family, occasional visitors, guests and servants alike.

Having said that comfort of the home is not just in its structure and the people that reside in it, would the house give me pleasure of my creator that he would send down his blessing to it and its residents?, do my family members have good bond, love and respect for each other?, are the guests that visit the house treated well?

After a tired day of work we like going back to our house is not because of the structure of the house but who lives in it (one of course is your self) and how they live in it.


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